Bigger Pockets ( is a website for real estate investors, billed as a community working to help one another achieve greater success at any stage of the investment experience. So what’s this site all about?

The Basics


Bigger Pockets hosts forums where investors can discuss industry issues and the latest news or just give advice. In general, these forums are administrated well and conversations are on-topic, helpful, and polite.


The site functions as its own book publisher and has an array of titles available in e-book, audiobook, and paperback form. Costs are reasonable and basically on-par with the cost of books on Amazon or other online sellers; plus, you get the benefit of community reviews.

There are books targeted directly at the investor, like Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat; niche titles likeEstimating Rehab Costs; and even an Intention Journal designed to help you do a better job making use of your time.

Marketplace and Networking

Bigger Pockets hosts a marketplace where you’ll find real estate listings, want-ads, and even a few job offers. Their networking feature allows you to connect with other members, talk to a mortgage or hard money lender, or find a realtor or contractor (among other connections). A lot of this is only open to those with a paid membership, however.


The site also offers calculators for running an array of property analyses. The free membership gives you access but does drastically limit your use of these calculators to the point where they’re really not useful until you upgrade your membership.

Membership Levels


The free login gives you access to the forums and the bookstore but greatly limits your access to all other functions of the site. That said, there’s a wealth of info available just on the forums.


At just under $20 a month, this membership lets you generate five reports with the calculators, private message up to 10 people at once, make three posts a month on the marketplace, and track your profile.


This one will cost you about $40 a month and includes everything in the Plus, but there are no limits to the calculators and you can make two marketplace posts a day. There are other perks, too, like webinar replays, access to an exclusive forum for pro and premium members, and advanced member search.


At $100 a month, this includes everything in the Pro version plus the freedom to make three marketplace posts per day, collect business leads, get featured in their directory, and build an enhanced profile.

Special Perks for Pro/Premium

There are a few other special perks only for those with top-tier memberships. For example, you get a $1,000 discount on closing costs with Better Mortgage, a 15% discount on YellowLetters direct mailing service, a 10% discount with RentPrep, and more.

Who Is It for?

If you’re just starting out, there’s plenty of help and information on this site. You can get answers to your questions and access to reliable companies and calculators. At the same time, the savvy investor may be able to get this cheaper elsewhere, and it’s also easy to get overwhelmed with information.

If you’re experienced in real estate investment, BiggerPockets makes sense if it makes sense for you. You may or may not need the information in the forums, and you may already have the calculators and connections you need. At the same time, you might be able to make good use of the marketplace postings and access to business leads.

Bigger Pockets Roundup

You’re the only one who can say for sure if this site is a good investment of your time (and perhaps your money). As with anything, check it out carefully for yourself and only spend your money if you can see a clear benefit to doing so. For more reviews and tips for the real estate investor, visit Jason Hartman Economist today.