This FlashBack Friday episode was originally published on October 13, 2010. Jason Hartman brings New York Times bestseller author, Harvey Mackay. They discuss two of his books- Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive and Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt.

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Hey, this is Jason Hartman, thank you so much for joining me. Do you know what day it is? Yes, it is flashback Friday, or you hear the best of the creating wealth show and you hear some good prior episodes, some good review. Remember, we’ve got almost 500 episodes out. And you know what? iTunes doesn’t even hold them all if you’re an iTunes listener, if you are listening on Stitcher thank you for joining us. So we want to bring you some good review stuff now. What’s interesting about flashback Friday it’s a little scary for me I gotta I gotta be very very candid with you on that. Because you the listener, you get the chance to hold my feet to the fire. Did I make any predictions? Was I right? Was I wrong? I’ve been I’ve been right about a lot of things, but I’ve been wrong about a few. But it’s flashback Friday and we will give you the uncensored Best of the creating wealth show with a prior episode. So let’s dive in. Here we go. Remember, this is not current, it’s flashback Friday.

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Welcome to the creating wealth show with Jason Hartman. You’re about to learn a new slant on investing some exciting techniques and fresh new approaches to the world’s most historically proven asset class that will enable you to create more wealth and freedom than you ever thought possible. Jason is a genuine self made multi millionaire who’s actually been there and done it. He’s a successful investor, lender, developer and entrepreneur who’s owned properties in 11 states had hundreds of tenants and been involved in thousands of real estate transactions. This program will help you follow in Jason’s footsteps on the road to your financial industry. In day, you really can do it on Now, here’s your host, Jason Hartman with the complete solution for real estate investors.

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Welcome to the creating wealth show and this is your host Jason Hartman, thank you so much for joining me today. Today we are going to have a great treat for you. We’ve been recording for many years and broadcasting the shows and we will have the secrets of the Millionaire Mind with T harv eker. world famous t harv eker. So I hope you enjoy that and before we get into today’s show, just a couple quick announcements of course be sure to join us for our predictions 2011 conference call and that is Thursday evening. It’s coming right up real quick January 20. You can register it Jason and I think you’ll find that very enlightening. Our forecast book is out this year. It is the biggest ever and I believe it is about 80 pages long and we profile 30 different markets around the US we do something extremely unique because we are the only ones out there. There who really profile income property and all of these markets based on its true multi dimensional nature, we don’t just talk about price increases or decreases as the case may be. We talk about the multi dimensional nature of real estate or income property, I should say, so that you know how an investment is truly performing. And if you remember last year, one of the kind of odd stories we had is when we profiled Charlotte, North Carolina, a market that we predicted would go down in value in 2010. And you could actually make money by losing money as it were, because the cash flow in that market was so desirable that even though you had price declines, you still would receive a nice positive return on your investment. So again, the multi dimensional nature of income property, we’re the only ones out there who profile it this way. We’ll be talking about the forecast on our conference call on Thursday. I know that short notice, but get on that go register at Jason click on store than events and you can register and of course while you’re there, be sure to register for the meet the Masters event coming up in March. That will be a phenomenal three day event here in Irvine, California. So t harv eker. For show number 200. As you regular listeners know, every 10th show, we do kind of a non financial topic, but of course, it always relates to our financial life in some way. And this show is no different with T harv eker. One of the big things that really, really influenced me very positively in life was discovering Zig Ziglar Denis waitley, Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, all of the sort of greats and forgive me if I missed a name there because there are other greats as well. But those were the ones that really had a very, very profound positive impact on my life at a young age. I discovered them at age 17. And our mindset determines so much about our lives, doesn’t it? I remember Earl Nightingale talking about how he discovered what he calls the Strangest Secret, which he discovered by walking into a bookstore on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and pick up a copy of the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. And he said if one was to grow rich, certainly, it would come about as a result of thinking so we become what we think about and in James Allen’s famous old book as a man thinketh just a fantastic tiny little book sort of old fashioned but brilliant. Nonetheless, he talks about how our thoughts determine our destiny. Remember, you’re listening to flashback

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Friday. Our

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new episodes are published every Monday and Wednesday. And Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill and all the rest we become what we think about or as we think so shall we become now t harv. eker really explores that in the wealth concept, the money concept and helps us keep our mind focused on abundance and especially during somewhat consider trying times like this, but someone would consider these very awkward opportunistic times as well, it all just depends on how you look at it, doesn’t it? But most people think the economy is bad and things are bad. And it’s just nothing but bad news out there. But for many, they see opportunity. And again, it’s not the circumstances. It’s the outlook. It’s the worldview. It’s the mindset. It’s what we think about that determines the opportunities. We see. Another thing that Earl Nightingale and Denis waitley taught me at a very young age is luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. So many people like to sort of really fuel successful people by saying, Oh, they were just lucky. Why did I invent Facebook? You saw the movie, The Social Network, the story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook and what an incredible thing that was. Well, Facebook wasn’t exactly a complicated idea was it? It’s pretty simple, really. And you know, he executed on it, obviously quite well. But look at that company. I mean, its valuation now is somewhere around I think 40 or $50 billion. With its last round of funding it received. So that’s an amazing thing. Well, other people might in the movie, the people that claimed it was their idea. Those two twin brothers, I can’t remember their name offhand. They thought of it as just a Harvard thing, but it evolved into something much larger than that. So again, just an example of how our outlook, how our mindset affects the opportunities we see. And that is why it is so important. I’d highly encourage you to go to our website Jason Hartman Comm. Of course, subscribe to the blog, take advantage of all of the free content there. But in addition to that, look at the properties section, look at some of the properties that are available there and talk about opportunity. Interest rates right now are the lowest in probably anybody who is listening to this, this broadcast right now. It is the lowest in your lifetime. I would venture to guess that applies to every single person listening. mortgage rates are the lowest they’ve ever been. So huge opportunity there. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may go out of business, okay, you know, they’ve been in huge trouble and many in the real estate world see that is a crisis. But I see it as an opportunity in a way. Now, it’ll mean the end of the 30 year fixed rate mortgage, probably because the reason we’ve been so lucky to have that in the United States of America is that since the Great Depression, back in the 30s, housing has really always been subsidized in this country. It has been subsidized by the government. So we’ve been able to take advantage in the states and foreigners can invest in the states too. And take advantage of this the 30 year mortgage that is a total Rarity around the world. Okay, now, it may have come and gone here and there in other countries, but really, the mortgages are far and away the best in the States because it’s subsidized by the government. So what happens is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac go out of business. What if our new Congress decides You know what, they’re gonna Cut off the funding and let them die. Most people in the real estate world would say that is going to make prices decline further. And I agree, it will. However, I don’t think it’ll do it everywhere. I don’t think it’ll do it in the markets, we recommend where you’re already buying far below the cost of construction or below the cost of replacement. But guess what the opportunity is? And I want to make sure you’re seeing it. The opportunity is that if Fannie and Freddie go out of business, or if they curtail their mortgage lending even more than they already have, what will that mean? Look at the broad picture. Yes, in markets like California and other overpriced markets, New York, some parts of Florida still even Chicago etc. Many markets around the US that are just overvalued 1616 of the 20 Case Shiller markets, for example, that are profiled in our forecast book and then 10 other supplemental markets that we profile we will see in most of these big major metropolitan markets will see prices decline. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac go under and I think that is very possible may or may not happen, but it’s certainly possible. But what will happen? Well, homeownership rates will drop. Remember there always counterbalances always countervailing factors that don’t correlate directly right. So homeownership rates will drop because they will no longer be subsidized by the government, or at least not as directly as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been and then what will happen is more people will be pushed into the rental market, they will be unable to get these highly desirable mortgages that people in the states have taken advantage of for decades, and I think we will ultimately see rents skyrocket. So what is the lesson here? The lesson is how you look at it, right? how you look at it, what is your mindset, what is your worldview? Is the crisis, just a crisis, or is the crisis an opportunity? Does the crisis create an opportunity? Well, I say it does. I say that every crisis creates an opportunity. Even tragic things tragic events do create opportunities. And there are all sorts of examples of that. So it’s very important how we look at it. If you go to our website if you go to Jason Hartman calm and you click on the properties section, you will see properties you can buy today with cash or with a mortgage and you can buy them for as low as about 28 to maybe 30% of construction cost. Many of these are really qualified as cash type assets. Many are qualified as mortgageable assets. But if we see Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac go away that will mostly affect the markets that are largely credit based, not cash based markets, Atlanta, Indianapolis those two markets actually Phoenix now come to mind, especially although we have many other great markets, but many of these properties are so inexpensive now in those markets that many of our clients are just bank For the properties, including yours truly, I just paid cash for another property that I bought in Indianapolis. And while I’d rather get a 30 year mortgage, some lenders don’t even want to make mortgage loans for such small amounts. So they’re just some things that investors are picking up with cash quite frequently. And in those markets, since the real estate investment is not largely credit based, it won’t matter as much what happens with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and of course then there’s the discussion I just had about moving into the renter pool and keeping people from homeownership and homeownership rates declining. Listen, homeownership rates declining. That’s great news for a landlord. That’s great news for us investors. So every crisis is an opportunity. What are you seeing what is in front of you in your life right now, that may be a huge opportunity disguised as a problem disguised as crisis. Think of that that’s why our mindset is so important. That’s why it’s so important to have The Millionaire mindset. Now one of the things also in this show that I think you’ll be safe, it’s very cool. And you’ll want to go with the end after listening to Jason slash offers. That’s our website slash offers. And t harv. eker. kind of surprised me on this call. And he made a very generous offer to let any of our listeners come to his Millionaire Mind intensive for free, free of charge, and I can’t remember the price, but I think he’s charging about, I don’t know, 1200 dollars or something for these tickets. I can’t remember. I think he says that in the show. Anyway, I think you’ll like that and take advantage of that. But most importantly, keep looking for opportunities. I frequently say and I’m sure we’ll talk about it at the next meet the Masters event in March. But I say that I am no longer an optimist. In fact, those of you listening, you could not accuse me of being an optimist could you know, I’m not an optimist. I am an opportunist. And I want you to be an opportunist too, because the world right now is filled with opportunities and They are really, really, really better than any time I’ve ever seen them in my lifetime being involved in real estate for 24 years now. I mean, wow, the opportunities are plentiful, and they are really the best I have ever, ever seen them. Now, when I got into the real estate business, I remember everybody thought interest rates were such a great deal because they were coming down and they were only 14% Yes, 14%. Everybody thought that was a great deal because they used to be 19%. So look at how low the rates are. Now, just imagine with the inflation that is coming our way and the absolute mess they have made out of America and really out of the rest of the world. With this fiat money system that is on the verge of collapse. You lock in long term fixed rate debt, and you’re going to put yourself in a very nice position. And when you’ve attached that long term fixed rate debt to packaged commodities, the things that everybody on planet earth needs. In fact, I just got back from Kansas City and From Aspen, Colorado, I was skiing there and hanging out with with Mike Dillard who you heard on the show and some internet marketers and so forth air and having a good time. And then before that I was in Kansas City. And last night I was in the airport. I think it was in Denver. Yeah, I was changing planes in Denver, and I picked up a copy of National Geographic, you know what go get this National Geographic, the current issue. I’m not normally a reader of that magazine. Although I collected them as a kid. I’ve got a bunch of old ones. I don’t think they’re worth very much, though. But a lot of people apparently collected them anyway, I got a copy of it. And it talks about on the cover, it says 7,000,000,007 billion with a B, and it talks about the population explosion and how this year I believe it’s this year in 2011, world population will hit 7 billion people now in several decades. It’s going to start to level off and actually I think we’ll see possibly population declines. But for these next few decades, and I think that’s about three more decades, we’re going to see massive increases in population and guess what a lot of This increase, you know what, you know, what’s the next burgeoning upward mobility market, they say Africa, several countries in Africa are really getting their act together, it looks like and you know what that means more people moving into middle class lifestyle. And middle class has different meanings everywhere around the world, obviously, you know, middle class and New York or Tokyo or Hong Kong is not the same as middle class and Kenya, for example, right. But the point is that people are improving their standard of living in many countries in the midst of this economic crisis. And that means consumption increases. And remember when you invest in packaged commodities, in other words, building materials, the ingredients that build a house, you don’t need to care whether people are consuming those commodities in the United States, or in China, or in Africa, or in Europe, or in Brazil, or wherever in South America, right, because these these commodities are globally traded on the commodities market, copper wire, petroleum Products concrete, glass, steel, lumber, even labor to some extent, and that’s what you’re buying and you attach this 30 year fixed rate debt to it. And I have never in my lifetime seen a better time to stock up on these two things, because this is really the ultimate investing equation. So enjoy show number 200 here with T harv eker. Again, we won’t be talking about financial stuff super technically or directly. It’s more about mindset and our outlook and our worldview as it relates to this on our next show number 201. We’ll have Mark Kohler and he also has agreed to speak at the meet the Masters event so he’ll be join us for that in March and we will be right back after this short message with the world famous t harv eker. On Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Just a reminder, you’re listening to flashback Friday. Our new episodes are published every Monday and every Wednesday.

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It’s my pleasure to welcome t harv eker. To the show. He is of course the author I’m sure you’ve heard his name of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind mastering the inner game of wealth and he is a very well known number one New York Times best selling author and Harvey It is great to have you on the show. What an honor.

Harvey Mackay 19:52
Hey, thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Jason Hartman 19:54
My pleasure. So there’s a lot of negativity out there nowadays with this economy and so forth and I recently revisited Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and I have to admit I forgot a few things I forgot how my wealth blueprint or my money blueprint from the past was influencing me and just really enjoyed reviewing the material again what should people be thinking nowadays?

Harvey Mackay 20:17
Well you know, in general I think what people missed the boat on is they don’t really recognize how important their thoughts are and what precedes those thoughts and a lot of people look at like this this whole idea of your your thought patterns and and the Millionaire Mind and mindset and that’s you know, all Fufu and woowoo and soft stuff and you know, hey, that doesn’t pay the bill that doesn’t that doesn’t you know, get me a real estate skills and then how to make an offer and it doesn’t, you know, to teach me how to get online and make money from eBay and people are always looking for these outer answers these vehicles that will give them their their pot of gold. And, and let me just get everybody to start at the same place if you don’t mind, Jason, I think If you get a chance, if everyone gets a chance at some point in time, whether at home or in your office or not in your car, of course, but just simply draw a triangle with a point facing down, and on the left hand side, put our K, and on the right hand side on the top, put RV, and on the bottom point, put our our y. So rk what’s that stand for? These are the three critical elements to success in any arena. And my philosophy is that there’s only three. I mean, I’ve dared people for 20 years to give me more than three and then once they see these three, they go, Well, that’s about it. I guess, you know, the only three key things that you need, but if you miss any one of them, you have to you’re in trouble if you have four, you’re over complicating things. So these are the three. Our k stands for. Right knowledge, right knowledge means the right business knowledge in general business knowledge and right specific business knowledge. So in your case, since you’re a real estate professional, as many as well as many other things, it would be knowledge if someone’s interested in real estate in real estate And if they were looking at for example apartments in real estate apartments that’s very specific business knowledge which you need and you need real estate knowledge and you need overall business knowledge marketing negotiations finance all that kind of stuff on the right hand side is RV which means right vehicle at the right time and this is where you get into the give me this skill for right now though the the trends that are going right this minute etc, etc. And what what’s the car I’m driving what is the vehicle what is the the business element that I’m promoting here and I’m serving people and then our Why is the right you? Who are you? the right mindset, the right character, the right habits, and my specialty of course, we work in all three areas, but I specialize in the right you the right, the right who you are. And the reason I do that is because to me, after being in this business for 26 years Teaching everything from business, to real estate to internet to health to everything, you know, is rsH because you know, we’re one of the largest training, cut personal success trading companies in the world, but I still come back to, after all this time, the number one thing and if you don’t have this handled, you will never succeed no matter what else you’ve got. And that is the number one thing that’s Who are you? So what is your mindset? How do you think? What are your habits? Oh, my gosh, what are your habits will either make or break your success? And what is your character? Who are you in character and virtue? And that was what I call the software element. So I believe that people miss luck overlook this software piece and yet, at the same time, if I ask someone I said, how’s your computer working? And they go to it’s really slow, it’s got a bunch of viruses and I press R and P comes out, you know, I don’t know what it is and, and and I go and they go, You know what? I think what I’ll do is I’ll just change the screen on my computer that’s going to take care of everything I’ll fix the are on the keypad, and I’ll kind of, you know, hit our a lot harder, and maybe it’ll come out RS and a P. And that’s what people are doing Jason, they’re constantly looking to the outside world and forgetting that it’s the software that that makes the hardware work and your mind and how you think especially about money, success, wealth, and yourself will determine your thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions, and all that leads to results. So your results are sourced originally in your thought processes. And if you don’t have thought process that are supportive to wealth in any arena, there is no way you will take those actions that are necessarily empowering you to success in that arena. And of course you won’t get the results. So the answer the long answer to your question is How should People think you should think in an empowering way about every single element that you’re involved in, in your life. And I call this power thinking and if you guys, everyone listening to this can really get this. And that is that you have a choice you have a lot you have a choice as to how you think every moment those thoughts bubble up in your brain in your mind. And and then you think those thoughts but you are at choice, you must be aware of those thoughts coming through, you must observe every single thought that is coming through the channel of your mind, and decide in that moment, whether that thought is an empowering thoughts or a disempowering thought supportive or not supportive to your happiness and success. So in the business game in the real estate game and the finance game, the way to think is supportive thoughts to success in that arena. And if you said tired of so many people are thinking the economy is so crappy well Last, you know, what do I do? And I shouldn’t do anything right now the economy is crap, I can’t make any money. I have one question. Is that supportive to Roth? Now? The answer is, it’s not right. It’s not as supportive. So now the better question is, what are supportive thoughts towards wealth? And those become pretty obvious as in? Okay, well, it’s a crappy economy, but it’s a crappy economy for who and where? And the answer is, it’s certainly not a crappy economy for me. And, you know, what I believe is you have your own personal economy. One person’s garbage is another person’s gold. The other side of problem is opportunity. We all know that. So where’s the opportunity here? And is there one and the answer is, if there is a problem, period over and out? There must be an opportunity aside. Why is that? Because what people don’t realize is you get paid for solving problems. It is the only reason people give you any money. Is to solve their problems. So if there is a problem, there must be an opportunity on the other side of it. And in this case, there’s dozens of them.

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I’m so glad you brought that up is really our first point of discussion because most people like you say they’re working on the content rather than the context of their thoughts, their environment, their environment between their ears, which shapes everything in the world, doesn’t it?

Harvey Mackay 27:24
Well, of course it doesn’t. And here’s the problem. Again, we said your thoughts and in depth leading to actions and that ends up leading to results and the reason that the Millionaire Mind book in the in the three day intensive is so powerful is because in the Millionaire Mind what people say when I say to people, okay, so what’s the source of everything and what goes your thoughts, right? And I go, and I go, No, it’s not. It’s not your thoughts to go Harvard, you say your thoughts was the beginning. It’s the beginning, but it’s not the source. So what is the source? Is it God? Well, let’s take a look at this. Why do you think the way you think and especially Why do you think differently than other people Especially Of course, if you’re married to them, right, right. Why do you think the thought you think Have you ever considered that? And here’s the answer. The answer is, you were programmed, conditioned to think the thoughts you think. So take a look at the mind is this big old file cabinet, the same kind of file cabinet you’d have at home or in your office and your mind is nothing more than a storage cabinet, a storage bin for every piece of information that’s ever come your way. Why does it store everything, it stores it, to protect you, it’s job is protection. It’s not to get rich, and it’s not to be happy. It’s just to protect you. It’s survival. It’s a survival mechanism, different stores everything to help you make better decisions in order for you to live and survive. So you have all this information and let’s say for example, you have information that’s been ingrained in you, installed in you and printed in you from the time you’re very young about money. Remember, we come out of the womb completely empty. Then we get fed all this information from all kinds of sources. Don’t wait. Parents, teachers, clergy, media, etc, etc. Sure, and we get all this information in grain and that shapes what’s in our in our files of our in our file cabinet. So now the big problem that most people don’t realize is what files are in your cabinet that you can choose from so when the word money comes up, there were real estate comes up, that were duplex comes up that were single family home comes up the word internet comes up, the word wealth comes up the word, the word, get rich quick comes up, what comes up for you? What is a file that is automatically pulled up? And the problem for most people, Jason is the files they have stored in their own mental file cabinet are extremely unsupportive to success and very unsupportive to fast and long and permanent wealth, very unsupportive of that Why? Why? Because what was our culture like? Well, what’s most people’s culture like if that’s the world we live in a world of no and not and negative and bad and death and killing and distress and so it’s problematic problem after problem. So there’s no wonder, you know, there’s three elements that we were taught how are we programmed verbal programming? What did you hear when you were young modeling? What did you see when you’re young? and specific incidents? What did you experience around money successful and rich, even when you were young? And for the most part, most people heard, modeled and experienced crappy stuff. So what do you have in your mind crappy stuff? And the question is this, you know, and that’s what we call is your money blueprint. How do you think it relate to money? And what most people don’t realize is, is each of us has a personal money blueprint or inner money thermostat, that is a preset for a certain level of wealth. And until you change this money blueprint, it First of all, it is what determines your financial life. It is the root cause of your financial life, the root of it, and until you change that you will never ever, ever, ever, ever change your financial results. It doesn’t matter if you go from foreclosures, to flip to wholesale to internet, it doesn’t matter. All of that is peripheral. You keep on pressing on it keeps us for Richard. It keeps on coming up for poor and for mediocrity, no matter how hard you press it no matter how many times and you wonder what the problem is, the problem isn’t in the what you’re doing. The problem isn’t who you are the files in your mind and the character with which you act and those things. Thank God, we have some decent news and that is that if you don’t change, it’ll stay with you for the rest of your life. And and that we can change that in a matter of three days.

Jason Hartman 31:27
So that’s the next question. Obviously, it just begs the question Harvey give people a clue as to how they can reprogram that bad programming. Do they get rid of it? Do they replace it with something more positive? Do they just keep repeating affirmations to think positive thoughts? I mean, what do they do specifically?

Harvey Mackay 31:45
Well, that’s a great question because people I’ve sold eyes You know, 1.6 million copies of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I think it’s still number one. In Taiwan. It’s I mean, we were in 38 languages. I just got four books yesterday. One from Thailand, one from Arabia, one from Bulgaria, and another one from another place I forget. But it’s all over the world. And the interesting thing is that a lot of people change their lives just by reading the book. But for the most part, it’s not permanent, not a permanent change. Why? Because it’s not cellular, without sounding like an obvious person trying to promote a course. And I apologize if I do, but I’m adamant about it. There’s only one way to change your blueprint, only one way on planet Earth. And that is that I’ve found that a priority that I found and after being in business for 26 years, and that is to go to this program called a three day, millionaire, mind intensive, and that’s all we do. What we do, there is a course of specializes and what we do there is we actually change your money blueprint, change your inner money thermostat, and reset it. And we do that in three days. And how do we do it specifically? Well, well, first of all, remember you came in as an open book, it came as an open file cabinet and information was installed in you, and then you naturally took some of that information. And threw some information away that didn’t fit with you. Well, the problem is, is that that was then. And you might, you probably are a very different person today than you were 20 or 30 or 40 years ago, when you first got programmed around this. And so the question is, you know, what kind of programming, what kind of conditioning? What kind of information? Do you want rolling around the files of those mind if you file your mind today, based on who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow? And so, yes, we open up the file cabinet at the course we examine all of the file folders. Okay, so if you have a file folder in your house and your file cabinet, well, you said, I cheat. I gotta clean this thing up. First of all, I can’t even get any anything else into it. I’m dragging it around from house to house off about half the stuff is old, useless. What would you do? You’d open up the file cabinet? You’d open up each file, you’d look at it and say, is this pertinent today? Can I throw it out? Is this a good file for me right now? Is it a bad file, you won’t even want this in here. And then you’d have And add some new files into the cabinet that weren’t even there before. Well, guess what, that is exactly what we do. We open up the file cabinet, you do an assessment we actually get to witness and analyze your own financial thermostat what your preset for right now what what you will remain with for the rest of your life unless you don’t change it by we analyze that. And then you decide what files you want to keep what files you want to throw away because you go oh my god, this is terrible power, get rid of these useless today. And and then we get rid of those we delete those. And then we introduce you to brand new files. And you go Yeah, that is a file that I would really love to have in my mind. And we install that in there. Or you might say to yourself now that’s not for me, and then it’s not installed. Now. I’ve never heard of anybody in our program ever say that’s not a file I want because every one of them obviously is a file that is preset to generate wealth and success and happiness and by the way, if you don’t have the happy Is file wisdom money? See that’s a file people have money or happiness. Let me say this again, people have money or happiness. That’s their file.

Jason Hartman 35:11
They think it’s a zero sum game. Like they can’t have both. That’s the programming, right?

Harvey Mackay 35:15
Yeah, that’s the file for 80% of the people. It’s one or the other. If I have money, if I go for money, then my happiness suffers, my time suffers, my family suffers, my house suffers, I’ll be looked at as a arrogant or everybody will want something me or whatever. So money and happiness don’t go together. So what they have let me explain this is they have two other files that have money without happiness, or happiness without money. That’s the files that drive them. That is a zero sum game that will destroy your your happiness and it will destroy your wealth. So what will happen is you will know you you will say, Oh my god, here’s this great opportunity and subconsciously, you’ll go wow, this is a great opportunity. But unconsciously you’ll go Yeah, but oh my god, it’s gonna take so much time and I don’t know if I want to start a whole new thing and I got a young kid right now I just want to spend more time with them. And plus, you know, I, I don’t know if you know I gotta move on all these butts are coming in here. You don’t even know where that coming from. And here’s the problem Jason to the person. They make perfect sense. perfect sense. And they do make perfect. They’re completely logical. And if you just set talk to somebody, you’d go they go, yep, that makes sense. Bottom line, though, it doesn’t get you rich and it doesn’t make you happy. So what’s the use of it? It’s a it’s a file that doesn’t work. Okay, bottom line is this. You need to install a file that says, Yes, I can be rich and yes, I can be happy and yes, they go beautifully together. And this is how they work so nicely together. And that thank god we’re able to do that for people.

Jason Hartman 36:53
Absolutely right and but you know, what you didn’t mention is put your hand on your head and say, I have a Millionaire Mind right?

Harvey Mackay 37:00
Have a Millionaire Mind. One of our debt one of our declaration is, is I can have both I can be kind, generous, loving, balanced, healthy, spiritual, and be really, really, really rich. All of it. Absolutely, absolutely.

Jason Hartman 37:17
When you started off with this, I kept thinking back to the fact that it seems like in the old days of motivational speakers, if you will, we had the greats, we had Zig Ziglar. We had Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, to the late Jim Rohn. They were sort of the philosophical like the mindset people, they didn’t talk really about specifics, like go out and buy foreclosure properties. And here’s how to do it. We’ve lost a lot of that there are very few other than yourself that are really talking about how important mindset is how important the philosophy, the environment, the mental game of success really is. Well, why is that do you think?

Harvey Mackay 37:54
I think it’s very simple. You hit it right on the head. We’re an instant gratification society. People want to make money right this minute and what they don’t realize is that they’re not going to unless they change the way they think you can make money right this minute if you change the way you think you can think long term short term anything you want but the bottom line is this is that you know I’ve take what I think people say I have well over a million students all over the world 104 different countries and people you know, I I again, it’s good to know your strengths and weaknesses and I have plenty of weaknesses, trust me but when it comes to what I’m decent at is, is people sent one of the best in the world and making them the entire mind change technology. Very simple, very fun and very permanent. And what do we do with it we put it towards wealth. You know not My specialty is not relationships. My specialty is not physical fitness and all that although the mind has plenty to do with that. My specialty is mind and money, mind and wealth. And yes, a lot of those other pieces better be in place or else you’re going to detract from your wealth of your Life, one of the things we believe in is living your mission, living your purpose, you know, living the marching orders that you were given when you came onto this planet, helping people and making, you’re creating your wealth by doing so. And so people go, well, is that about purpose? Or is that about money? The answer is both. It’s very hard to make money. If you if you silo it. Let me just say this again, I want everybody to get one thing here. Money is a result. I don’t know where you are, but repeat that with me. Money is a result. Wealth is a result. Okay. So the question is, is it a result of what I said earlier, what people don’t realize is that money is a result we only get paid for, for what? solving problems for people at a profit or for pay. That’s what an entrepreneur is a business person, a person who works in a job, a person who solves problems for people at a profit or for pay. So as I said earlier, what are we we are problem solvers. Now, if you can get that through your head, the question becomes, how do you make more money? And the answer is rock solid wanna rock rock? From our web people, and now you have to be a bigger, better, stronger person to do that.

Jason Hartman 40:05
Absolutely. So solve more problems. I remember Zig Ziglar saying years and years ago that the bum on Skid Row and the most successful the happiest, most well adjusted person, they have one thing in common problems. They’ve just learned how to deal with them differently, haven’t they?

Harvey Mackay 40:19
Absolutely. Yeah. And as I said, the interesting thing about you is that unless you change like this subconscious inner money thermostat, unless you change it, you’re doomed. You’re really I only say the word test. Okay? I’ll say Destin, make people happy, fine. But that literally you’re destined, you’re doomed to stay the same you are financially give or take a few percentage points for the rest of your life. Why is it that 99.999% of people, if they’re poor, they stay poor. If they’re middle class, they say middle class and if they’re rich, stay rich. Why is that? Because you have a inner money thermostat that is preset for a certain level of income of wealth of how you manage money, how you handle money. Your investments of your business of how much you trust people with money. All of those things are your money, blueprint, this inner money thermostat. And here’s the thing. It’ll stay with you for the rest of your life unless you go in, and you make the change to it. And that’s what we’re very blessed to be able to do with this three day program called The Millionaire Mind intensive, where we actually change people’s money blueprint in our money thermostat, right on the spot right on site right on the premises right there that weekend, we don’t teach you how to change it, and then send you home to change it. Why? Because you won’t. Why? Because we’re creatures of habit. And then we’re and there’s two kinds of habits, there’s doing habits. And just as importantly, there’s not doing habit. And what that means is that everything you’re not doing, you’re in the habit of not doing it. So what’s the use of sending you home with anything you’re not going to do it. So that’s why we don’t send you home with anything except for a brand new blueprint, which we do right there on the spot. And you have to bring yourself you have to bring the computer in to get the are fixed from the arc so that it prints out ours. Uh, Pete and I just, we got to get that software, we have to bring it in to the mechanic to actually bring the car in till you get to look at it, take the part out, put the new parts in and fix it right there. You have to physically be there for this to be permanent, and work on a cellular basis. And that’s what we do, we’re able to work at the highest level of the brain change technology in a cellular basis. And the cool thing is, it’s fun. It’s got tons of heart, people are laughing, who are crying, it is for a lot of people, they face some of the best three days of their entire life. And you know that 87% of all of our business is done by strictly referral, we and we don’t even ask people to refer people tell everybody they know once they’ve done the program,

Jason Hartman 42:40
right? I’ve heard exactly those things from all the people I know who have been in you know, hearts that are for rich, the P for poor, that’s what’s on the keyboard, and you have people bring the computer in and you guys help them fix it on the spot and rather rather than a how to manual. So that’s great. One of the big contributions I think you’ve made to this work. Which I really love this, this part of your work is the 17 ways rich people think and act differently from poor and middle class people. Can you share a few of those with us?

Harvey Mackay 43:10
Yeah, in the book, Millionaire Mind, we talked about this 17 different ways and let me go through a couple of them. First of all, I think one of the bigger ones is that most people, rich people, rich people successful they’ll play the money game to win while most other people play not to lose. See most people Jason play the money game on defense versus offense in sports. If you are any game you play strictly on defense, what’s your chances of winning? Yes, lemon, none. So most people’s concern is survival and security. Their intention is to get enough to pay the bills just get by earn a decent living and and and maybe maybe maybe I just want to be comfortable. Be comfortable here. I don’t need to log on be comfortable. And if and if I get a lot Hey, that’s nice, but I’m not going for that. You know That’s too hard and blah, blah, blah. Too much sacrifice is what they’re thinking. But here’s the problem. That’s your that becomes your intention. Just getting by earning a living survival. Let me just make it comfort, all that becomes your intention. Here’s the problem, what’s your intention is the most powerful creative force in the universe and your intention will come to fruition. And if your intention is to have enough to just get by or make a living, that’s exactly what you’re going to get and not a dime more. See, rich people actually go for creating wealth. They’re not interested in mediocrity. They’re not interested in being comfortable. By the way, comfortable and rich are in opposite spectrums of the world of economy. So you think it’s broke? It’s poor and rich, no comfortable is the kiss of death to success. It is the kiss of death to success. You will never get rich. You will never be highly successful at anything with the intention of being covered. trouble. Comfortable has nothing to do with growth. And that’s the problem, Jason, most people want to be comfortable instead of grow. But here’s the thing. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. And I didn’t make that up. That is a scientific fact on any living organism. Ask us any scientist, okay, any biologist, any if you have a plant at home, a flower at home, if it’s not growing, what’s it doing? It’s dying. And here’s my friends. I’m going to challenge you. I don’t care where you are in your life at this point in time, but you need to be growing you need to be going for full on just by going for the goal of wealth of not a million dollars but multimillionaire at minimum, like I say to my students are a minimum goal is is is $5 million net worth minimum and I don’t care where you’re stuck is where you start makes no difference, where you end up makes all the difference. Okay? So everybody starts at a different place, but I’m looking for my students to go to a $5 million net worth minimum. Now the question is, what are you talking about? I don’t even have I’m 50,000 Underground right now, I said, it doesn’t matter where you start it, the intention is everything. And here’s why. To have a $5 million network Jason, you have to grow, you have to have an intention of growing yourself, your business, your willingness to help other people and solve problems, you have to be at your highest levels. So it’s almost like, it’s almost like being a gold medalist in the Olympics. If you’re going to commit to that, versus I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna, like swim a pool a couple of laps a day and do a little exercise and that’s not going to help you grow. But if you said my intention is to be a world class swimmer and win the Olympic gold medal and swimming, well, now you’ve got to put forth the effort necessary to do that, which means you have to become the person that can do that. And so when your goal is high and large and major, you now are set on a course of growth, you will grow into that goal. See the target isn’t the goal. Target is growing you, but you need a target to grow into.

Jason Hartman 47:04
Absolutely. That’s great advice. Let me take a brief pause we’ll be back in just a minute.

Harvey Mackay 47:12
It only happens twice a year.

Harvey Mackay 47:14
And the next meet the Masters event happens on March 4 through sixth 2011 in beautiful Orange County, California.

Harvey Mackay 47:22
With our panel of experts, we’re putting enough real estate brainpower in one room to make Donald Trump flinch.

Harvey Mackay 47:30
Meet the Masters is a powerhouse education that can revolutionize how you think about money and wealth in totally unique and incredibly innovative ways.

Harvey Mackay 47:39
You will learn the smart way to choose Properties by market and micro market entity structuring for financial protection and privacy. How to grab every tax benefit the law allows and save on life’s largest expense, how to put together the most creative financing package possible the hidden power of the 1031 In exchange, how to easily invest in dynamic growth markets outside of California.

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You’ll also receive one on one coaching from a professional real estate investment counselor. At Platinum properties, no one falls through the cracks. We want you to succeed and we’re determined to do everything in our power to make that happen.

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Will you be any closer to financial freedom in one year, two days can make all the difference. If you simply have the courage to take action on your dreams. The reality is that you can fire your boss and live life on your own terms sooner than you think. For more information about the meet the Masters event and how to receive a $950 discount,

Harvey Mackay 48:41
go to Jason Hartman comm forward slash events.

Jason Hartman 48:52
You don’t have I just love these 17 things. One that I’d like to make a request that you just tell us about for a minute here is number seven. Rich people associate with positive successful people because I think this is one we’ve all been guilty of at one time or another, letting our friends bring us down getting in the elevator and you push the up button they push the down button right? What are your thoughts on that one?

Harvey Mackay 49:15
Well, you know, it’s very simple. Everything is one thing in the universe everything is energy, right? And so all energy is affects all other energy. I again, I didn’t make that up. And I think a gentleman by the name of Mr. Einstein had something to do with that all energy affects all other energy. So one of the things I teach my students is very, we have very, very powerful programs and but people don’t realize is that at all points in time, I’m going to say this and I hope people don’t take it wrong because my students understand where I’m coming from. And I say to my students, listen, I’m not here to be your friend. I’m there to be your best friend. Your friend will tell you your best friend will tell you and it’s very simple, my friends, listen closely at all points in time and you should write this on your forehead. I all points in time. You either aspect people Are you infect them, I’m going to say it again, you either affect people or you infect them, you either bring them up or you’re bringing them down. There’s no homeostasis, there’s no middle ground, it’s either up or down. That’s the way it works in the world in any living organism up or down. So it’s grow or die. So you either affecting them to the positive or infecting them to the negative. The bottom line is this, if people are bringing you down, number one, do you need to earn you need to create a much much, much more solid, more solid mind, frame and powerful mind that we work with the Millionaire Mind so that you can offset their negativity and have a bit of a shield against it. Number two, you need to be able to recognize what they’re doing, not criticize them, not judge them, not degrade them because that will put you in the same place as they are right put you down to their level, but recognize that they are coming from their own mindset, their own programming their own money blueprint. Their own success blueprints which are really poor, and all they can utter from their mouth is what’s going through their brain. And that just comes from programming. So look at them literally as a robot who’s been programmed to say what they’re saying, because they’re thinking what they’re thinking. They’re coming from their own fears, their own beliefs, their own concerns about about you, or or, or they have their own philosophies. And the only thing you have to decide is this. Are they really rich and really happy? And if they are, I would recommend you take advice from them. And if they’re missing one of those two, then do not take advice from them. Just say thank you smile, say thank you for sharing, and no, you’re talking to a broke person. No, you’re talking to a broke person’s mindset. And it’s not even them. It’s their blueprint that’s coming out of their mouth. Okay. When I have thousands of people in my seminar room, I don’t degrade them for having a crappy blueprint. I look at them go, Wow, they are a robot. They were programmed with this information. That’s what they think is comes out of their mouth. This then becomes their action. No wonder they’re not doing as well as they’d like to be doing financially. I don’t be great. I don’t judge them for any negativity. It’s the same with money relationships, what we, we we might save adjacent about 3000 relationships a year at least. Okay, because of the numbers of people that we work with. But so many people have problems with money and relationships. You know, the number one cause of a breakup is financial. And so when you have a relationship with somebody and your issue and you’re you’re arguing about money, you’re not arguing about money. you’re arguing about your two blueprints are arguing. So you have a you have a blueprint, they have a blueprint, the two blueprints are the two people are sitting there watching, right, right. Yeah.

Jason Hartman 52:38
The blueprints are arguing. That’s it. That’s a great way to look at it.

Harvey Mackay 52:41
So listen, do not and people say all the time harv these programs are the best programs I’ve ever been to my life. How do I get my husband or my wife? I can’t get them to come. I want my son to have it. These are life change. I don’t know why they won’t. They won’t listen, they won’t cuz i got i gotta force him to kind of go Don’t force Anybody that go anywhere? First of all, they’re going to put up defense mechanisms and they will definitely not go. They’ll dig their heels in. Secondly, don’t try to talk anybody into anything. Why don’t you just be the model, instead of yakking about it, be the person to become starts becoming successful, a better person, internally growing mindset growing character, growing your finances starting to see results in your life. And then in my experience, those people start to ask you they go, Wow, like, you’re a different person. Look what’s happening. I’m doing crappy, you’re doing good. What changed? And you could say, well, I went to Millionaire Mind intensive, I’ve asked you a couple of times, I kind of let it drop for a while until you’re interested. If you are, I can tell you where to go. And if you’re not, that’s okay, too. I still love you, you know. So, you know, let them be just be the model be successful yourself, and then you can start talking about it.

Jason Hartman 53:52
That’s an inspiring example. Well, Harvey, this is great information, of course, and tell us just a little bit more. Maybe you want to wrap up With some final thoughts on this and tell us before that a little bit more about the course The Millionaire Mind intensive.

Harvey Mackay 54:05
Yeah, the program is world class. I mean, this is probably the premier personal financial development program on planet Earth. And the reason I know that is because we do this in 14 cities in North America. We do this in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. We do it in London, England. In April, we’re going to Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. In September, we’re going to Taiwan next January, we open 14 provinces in China. And it’s all word of mouth. So, you know, things that are bad don’t get spread around the world like wildfire. Okay. And you go Well, I haven’t heard him I haven’t heard. I don’t know. I don’t know in the circles you travel with. Maybe you have heard of it and you weren’t ready for it. But let me say that I believe there’s no accidents in the universe Jason and if someone is listening to this right now, it Is their duty it is it is their message, there’s no accident. Your message is your time to start to do what you need to do financially and get out of the struggle and start making life a lot easier and much quicker on the financial side of it. And that is only possible if you have a money blueprint that is set for high levels of success, an inner financial thermostat that it’s preset for wealth and success. It’s kind of like a Donald Trump he thinks in ways to create wealth and success now he also has you have other blueprints true I think his relationship blueprints pretty good as parenting blueprints pretty good. I don’t think is the way he is his demeanor of his arrogance, blah, blah, that blueprint, I don’t like okay, person. But you know what, let’s just model the ones. That’s good. All right. Let’s just say when he when he looks at something, he looks for the opportunity and he’s on it like it’s not because he has money that makes money. It’s because he thinks money that he makes money, okay? And that’s the way we have to have a natural blueprint that set for success and in this 3d My intensive we as I said, we actually change your money blueprint right on the spot, you walk in with one blueprint set where for one level success, you walk out with a brand new money blueprint financial service outset for a brand new level of success. And here’s the thing, the key is that the change is permanent. That’s why we need you there. It’s permanent. We actually restructure that, let’s call it the neurological pathways that the dendrites, we blog, the garbage, we high impact Lee blow in the good stuff, so that it just resonates with you. And it’s all stuff that you want. And then and proof of the pudding is that and hopefully everyone will forget this part. When you start we start with an assessment of your financial thermostat. You get to see with 80 questions basically what your financial thermostat actually looks like you get to write it out. Then three days later, we give you back the same sheets to fill out but this time they’re blank again. And now you get the chance to see what you are like today and how you really believe what you really think today and how you feel about things. And when people fill out this on the third day after the course and we say okay, now go Back to the day one and see if there’s any changes. Jason you’ve never heard people laugh this loud in their entire life. They cannot stop laughing uproariously they cannot believe what they wrote three days ago. They cannot believe that they wrote those words that they checked yes to those questions that that came out of their brain because it’s so far fetched now, they look at a man No wonder I was doing welfare. No wonder I was earning 80 or 100 200,000 a year whatever. No, no wonder I was earning a million dollars a year. No, look at this. Look, this is a broken blueprint is a financial service that’s set for 20 degrees instead of 100 degrees. It’s obvious we’re able to we are blessed to have we’re the only people with this technology with this methodology with a strategic way of putting people to these exercises that are fun, exciting. You’re going to meet great people and make fantastic contacts and best of all, you will walk out of there a different person now in the way you think and feel about money, but the way you think and feel about yourself and about your life. And when you feel differently about yourself, everything changes, and you’re going to go, Well, I feel pretty good about myself. Yeah, really, that’ll be depicted in your financial situation right now, won’t it? So, you know, you’re deserving this. So you know, this is a Fufu seminar by any stretch, we do actual world class processes to actually change the dendrites in your mind on an automatic level. And when we place we delete programming that is not workable. We replace programming and we install programming, the programming that you wish you would have had when you were young, but now it’s never too late. And people all you can go by the results and the results or the results of the results. And all I can tell you is that people radically make radical changes in their income and their net worth and how they feel about money and their relationships from money. Everything around it changes by Monday morning. That’s amazing. We’ve got

Jason Hartman 58:58
a couple of links, we want to give out first All one of them is Jason Hartman calm slash offers where we’re going to set up some special stuff that you’re offering and more information about you in the links for this.

Harvey Mackay 59:07
So you know, this program used to be 1200 $95 per ticket for the three day event. And recently because you know, economic condition just to help people out, we dropped the price into $795. You can see that on the internet it’s right there and what I want to do for your constituents, for your students, for your people who listen to your stuff, Jason, we talked about this earlier, we worked on this arrangement for quite a while as you know, finally he said yes, and put this together. So everybody Listen up. Listen closely because Jason has arranged for you guys is not going to be the 1295 or the 795 a ticket. Listen to this. You are coming to the entire three day. millionaire, my intensive complimentary on us. It’s a gift Jason has arranged with our team to give you the gift of the Millionaire Mind intensive, the Entire three days, you’re going to get two tickets, complimentary seat generals hidden tickets to the entire three day intensive on us. And I’m hoping that Jason you should be getting inundated with emails thanking you for the gift. And that’ll be the first time and and then what’s going to happen Jason is after they go to the events, and after a month or two or even less than that, you’re gonna get inundated with more emails thanking you for Oh my God, that’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. So we’re gonna give everybody a gift right now, of the three day million of my intensive you’re all coming to the event and you’re all coming on. The only thing we ask is, first of all, we asked for $100 no show deposit. This is very simple. When you register, you put down 100 bucks with your credit card actually never gets charged. It’s just on hold. And here’s the way we work it. So if you come to the event, there’s absolutely no charge and it never gets charged because it’s a gift to you. If you can’t come and you can’t make it and you let us know you have the decency, the courtesy to let us know That you can’t make it, then there’s no charge whatsoever. However, if you register, and you don’t show up, and you don’t even have the courtesy to let us know, you can’t make it and the seat goes empty that we could have sold to somebody else. And now the seat goes empty, then unfortunately, you’re a little bit rude.

Harvey Mackay 1:01:19
Being for 100 bucks, okay, that’s simple. That’s the whole thing. That’s well

Jason Hartman 1:01:23
worth it. Yeah, yeah, no, I agree. Because nowadays our people are they tend to be a little flaky sometimes, and they got something for free. I mean, you can’t beat free right? That’s, that’s a phenomenal offer. So they should at least have

Harvey Mackay 1:01:36
it so everyone’s coming in on their general speeding tickets. But there there is another special offer that I’d like to put for people here and it’s a few dollars, but I think you’re going to see the value in it. And I can tell you that if it was me, I mean, and my students and my children and my best friends, this is the way I would go. It’s and listen closely to see if it’s right for you. It’s our VIP package and the VIP package is exciting. Dream includes a VIP seat, which means that you get to sit front and center and again, all energy is transferable. So the closer you sit to the front, the more energy you get, you also get the entire millionaire. My intensive workbook, which is really critical is a fill in the blank of the entire course right there in there, which means you don’t have to sit there trying to write notes every two seconds, you can pay attention, you can do the exercises, etc. Everything is already there, you just fill in a couple of blanks, you get a copy of my special edition of my New York Times number one bestseller secrets in your mind, which is autograph, you get the secrets of the rich 10 CD collection which is my favorite that’s why this is in this package, where I’ve interviewed some of the wealthiest people on earth and my interviews are very cut and dry me I really get to the heart of things. There’s billionaires on there and you know that the questions are here are very very presented gives you the some of the greatest secret I’ve ever heard on creating wealth. And here’s the big thing I just added to it. You get the entire three Day Millionaire, my intensive course on CD. And what that does is again, I’m not going to Lenny punches, this is real stuff. It’s all based in nature. We’re all creatures. It’s all the laws of nature. We’re all we’re all. We’re all based in the laws of nature. And so what this is, is that, you know, when you go to the event, we’re going to pull out some of the roots and seeds that have not been working for you. or install some brand new seeds and roots in there in that create wealth for a change and success. But like anything else in nature, when you install and when you plant new seeds or roots, what happens? Well, yeah, they’re great to put them in there, but you do need to fertilize them a little bit. You do need to nurse and you do need to water them, give them some air sunlight, something Yes. So you need to, I would encourage you to review the course, at least one time during the entire year and put that in your car or put down a download on your iPod and just listen to the course at least one time some people do it two times for the year just to keep on watering the fantastic routes and seeds that we put in there. And you’ll see you’ll you’re you’re you’re successful quadrupled Just because of it. So that’s normally $800 by itself. And we’re including that that’s a q&a session with a trainer at the course. So that package is actually worth over 1200 and $95. actually much more. And the entire thing, that’s what we get, by the way, every day, we sell this online internet all over the world every day for 1200 $95. Again, because you’re with Jason and this group over here, we’re going to let you have the entire package for 297. That’s fantastic. With the seats alone, not even including this a seat alone are 1000 bucks just to upgrade to VIP. So it’s $297. And the reason I would encourage everyone to do it, and this is the reason it’s not the money, we lowered the price dramatically. We just we’ve is lower than our cost prices. And FYI just if you start to see all the stuff, just the printing alone, and the copying alone of the stuff is more than that. But you’ll see why we did it.

Jason Hartman 1:04:55
I know that free is lower than your cost. That’s so that’s for sure.

Harvey Mackay 1:04:59

Harvey Mackay 1:05:01
this is the reason I believe all of the people listening should go VIP. And again, you don’t have to you’re coming on us complimentary. But here’s why. at all points in time, we are giving messages to other people remember you after, in fact, everything you are at this point, I’m going to give a message to the universe, the universe is going to reflect back the message that you give it. Now, you might think, Oh, my God, is this ever Fufu now? All right, fine, you can take the greatest tool you have and throw it away. It’s up to you. But for me, I like to use all my tools. And my intention. And my declarations and my messages to the universe are the biggest tool that I’ve got, and it seems to work really well for me, and literally a million of my students. So that’s all I can tell you. When you decide you’re going to go VIP and register for the 297 you are saying declare to the universe, I am a VIP. I am a very important person. And the universe is then going to reflect that back by treating you and aligning with you elements that a very important person would have in getting B So the universe is now going to start to treat you as a very important person. On the other hand, you say to the universe, no, I’m not a very important person. I’m a general masses person. I’m like everybody else. I then the universe, okay, fine. That’s alright. That’s not a problem. I love you. And I will treat you like a not very important person and like everybody else, like the general mass public. And that’s why I’ll treat you eyes. And so I don’t care what the $297 In fact, we lose money on it. So it makes no difference to me. But for you, for you, I would encourage you, and that’s why we made it so cheap. To say you know what, I’m going as a VIP, I’m going to sit in the front and center. I’m going to get all the VIP goodies. I’m going to have the VIP badge. I’m going to feel like a VIP. Whenever Allison’s over there with a regular impact. I’m going to have a VIP name tag. I’m going to have the VIP sessions. I want to be a very important person. I am a very important present. And I’m going to show that and declare it not by just thinking it are stating and go Yeah, yeah. But by showing it my action, say, I’m going to this course as a VIP, and we made it so cheap that everybody could do it. So do what you want. Go VIP or not, you’re all coming to the course. And no matter how you come, you’re going to get an immense life changing event out of it. But I’m just telling you my philosophy and all I can tell you that I have over millions of students, they seem to follow what we say, because it works. Excellent. Well,

Jason Hartman 1:07:24
t harv eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind mastering the inner game of wealth. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom with us today. And thank you so much for the free offer in the very very discounted VIP offer for our listeners. So that’s just fantastic. And we will look forward to seeing you there everybody listening better go because you can’t beat this deal. There’s nothing better than free and ultra ultra discounted VIP so we really appreciate the generosity today too.

Harvey Mackay 1:07:50
Awesome. Fantastic. Hey, thank you so much as everyone knows where to go to their website.

Jason Hartman 1:07:54
Absolutely. Yes, it’s Jason slash offers.

Harvey Mackay 1:07:58
And guys, if anybody’s thinking about I don’t know if I should go. Let me just say that right now, that is not a blueprint set for financial success, that voice that says that that mindset that says, I’m not sure I’m busy to travel this that you know, and I’m, that is right now going to destroy, destroy your entire financial life right this minute those words, again, there’s no accidents in the universe, if you have got this opportunity in front of you. Take it, take it. Why? Because you know what, when you start looking at the universe as gifts and saying now forget it, the universe, you know what you’re doing, you’re training the universe not to give you any more gifts, you’re training it. So that’s all I can tell you. Okay, until you go through this course. You won’t see the power of it and yourself. And you’ll see it very quickly in this program, everything, everything will begin to change for you. This is the root cause of financial success, mediocrity or failure for the rest of your life. You just choose which way you want. Player

Jason Hartman 1:09:00
excellent t harv eker. Thank you so much Awesome job today.

Harvey Mackay 1:09:03
Thank you. I appreciate it Jason.

Harvey Mackay 1:09:10
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