Jason Hartman is joined by Kerry Lutz in the studios of the Financial Survival Network. Jason uses this Flash Back Friday episode to talk about the Dodd-Frank repeal. They also discuss protections for renters in some markets and how others are making it very difficult for landlords. In addition, they discuss some of the uses of blockchain that could impact how individuals invest. The discussion ends with economic lessons we should teach our children.


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Welcome to this week’s edition of flashback Friday, your opportunity to get some good review by listening to episodes from the past that Jason is hand picked to help you today in the present and propel you into the future. Enjoy.

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Hey, Senator Patrick Anderson just wanted to say congrats on 1000 episodes and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the education you’ve given. Me personally, it’s helped a lot. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything you’ve done and appreciate all your help and real estate investing. Have a great day.

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Welcome listeners from 165 countries worldwide. This is your host, Jason Hartman. Thank you for joining me today as i am coming to you from Palm Beach County, Florida. Yes, beautiful Florida. And you know, I have often wondered, maybe you can enlighten me by going to Jason hartman.com slash ask Jason Hartman com slash ask and enlighten me as to why Florida is the butt of some jokes. Not all jokes. But when we look at different states around the country, I’m sort of confused as to why Florida gets Occasionally not always certainly a bad rap. Why is that? Is it because of the hanging chads? Is it because of the election debacle from many years ago between george bush and Al Gore? I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. But yeah, Florida does get kind of a funny, bad rap. You know, today I knew I was in Florida. By the way. Last night, I arrived back from New York from the venture Alliance weekend in New York City. And I got back flew into Fort Lauderdale last night, and today I saw something I have never seen before that made me realize I was in the state of Florida. You’re ready. You’re ready for this one, folks. I was driving down a very beautiful green tree line highway. And on the other side of the road, the traffic was all stopped. Well, I got a little closer. And I noticed that a woman had stopped her beautiful seven series BMW in the middle of the road and I thought oh, this must be an accident of flat tire or something? No, that was not it. She was in front of her car bending over picking up what appeared to be well, it didn’t appear to me because I’m closer inspection I realized exactly what it was an object that was about maybe eight or 10 inches wide, and maybe 10 or 12 inches long, kind of an oval shaped object. You know what that object was? It was a turtle. Yes, it was a turtle in the middle of the road. I realized I was in Florida traffic was stopped so she could lift up the turtle and escort it across the street. See, folks, humans do nice things for animals. We’re not all destructive. You know, we don’t always make species go extinct. In fact, many human species are going extinct. Does anybody care about that? No, no, but that of course, would be a conversation you can even have in politically correct world nowadays in the Western world. It’s just kind of crazy, isn’t it? But whenever the Yes, I am in Florida, and I am in the FSN studios. My guest today is Carrie Lutz and we are here in real time face to face. Yes, that is rare anymore, that we have a face to face interview in the world of high technology, Skype and zoom and all these different platforms to have meetings, it really is an amazing time to be alive. And you know, if you think about it, just remember what I always say, watch old TV shows, watch old movies to realize how much the world has changed to how much more convenient your life has become in so many ways. And again, technology. The battle rages on between the deflationary effects of technology and the inflationary effects of bad monetary policy. So we see asset prices are high, aren’t they? They are very high. We see the cost of housing, healthcare, college tuition, it is enormous. I did something interesting This afternoon and maybe my guests will have a comment on this. Carrie, how are you?

Kerry Lutz 5:04
All right, Jason? Hey, it’s great to be here on the show with you from the Southern Command.

Jason Hartman 5:11
Southern Command. Yeah. I think another radio host uses that line, but that’s pretty good. We’ll see if our listeners can figure out who that is. Carrie suggested, well, he didn’t suggest he just said he was going and I said, Hey, I want to go to this. So today I did something I’ve never done. You know, I went to a stretching session, a stretching gym. Yes, they have those things here in Florida. But this really needs to be all over the world because it is great. It was a half hour stretching session, where you lay on the table, and this pretty young girl stretches you out. She moves your body around and that felt really good Carrie.

Kerry Lutz 5:54
I’ve been doing it Jason since I moved down to Southern Palm Beach County. In August, and since that time, no back problems, I wake up in the morning, no pain whatsoever. It’s an amazing discipline to get into.

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I’d recommend the stretching. I think that’s really good. Now listen, I’ve done like, you know, a couple thousand yoga classes in my life. And that’s good. Certainly I believe in fitness and health and eating right. By the way, if you want to eat right, let me tell you, we will talk about the economy and real estate here in a moment, folks, but just a little few things to get out of the way. I got a public service announcement. Two of them actually, the first one is, I became an affiliate for my favorite food that has changed my life. It changed my life about four years ago. And you can find that at Jason hartman.com slash food. Check that out public service announcement Jason hartman.com slash food. I’m one of only seven affiliates in the country. They don’t really do affiliate programs, but I just insisted because I like this product so much, and I’ve mentioned it before on the show a few years ago. And a couple of you wrote me and told me how much you liked it, by the way, so check it out. Jason hartman.com slash food, save the capitalism here for a moment. Another public service announcement, the FBI. Yes, the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is recommending that all of you, as soon as you’re finished listening to this podcast, of course, reboot your router in your house, because apparently there’s some malware floating around, that can infect your router that can infect your computers and your devices and you don’t want that. So just reboot your router. Go and turn it off for about 30 seconds, let the capacitor capacitors drain out of the electricity. The same way Tesla car drains far faster than Tesla will tell you, then turn it on again, reboot your router. That’s what the FBI is telling us to do. So talking about real estate here, Carrie. You know, I’m looking at this Yahoo article, Yahoo Finance that says the US housing market hasn’t ended. Tori problem. The US housing market has an inventory problem. Well, thank you for the blinding flash of the obvious Yahoo. But you know, it just really reaffirms the point it says, In April existing home sales fell 2.5% to an annualized rate of 5.46 million on its own. This is not a remarkable story. The more notable part, though, is the trend has come to define the US housing market since it bottomed in 2012. And, you know, right, there is kind of interesting, it just shows that you really have to slice and dice this stuff, obviously, because I don’t consider that the bottom of the housing market. I think it was a couple of years before that. But it depends where in a country as large and diverse in the United States with 400 housing markets, you know, it changes right is that the linear market, the cyclical market, the hybrid markets, or any various geographies, but this is the problem. This is what is slowing sales. The counterintuitive concept is that when you’re dealing with something of such scarcity like housing, when you have this inventory shortage, that on the one hand is of course making prices go up, it’s making rents go up, we all know that it’s making sales fall, because there’s nothing else to buy. It would be if Apple released, you know, the next iPhone, and they didn’t have enough of them, right? They, they had a constraint on the inventory if they couldn’t get enough of the parts to build them all. That’s pretty much what’s happening to the housing market. I have really no doubt that we could increase our business by 50 or maybe 100%. We could maybe double our business if we had more inventory because there is a huge inventory shortage. Which by the way, I want to point out that we are redesigning the Properties page on our website at Jason hartman.com slash properties. Because and I know a lot of you go to this page, it is one of the most highly trafficked pages on our website. A lot of you go there, and you simply look at the markets that are profiled. But wait, there’s more. Because if you look at the map that’s on the page, and you hover over the various states on the map, and you click on a certain state, you will see that there are many other what I’ll call for lack of a better name pocket markets, where we have other properties for sale that you can purchase. And they’re great. We just don’t have a lot of inventory in those markets. Well, we don’t have a lot of inventory anywhere, frankly, because inventory is scarce. Well, Yahoo agrees with us right. Now, Yahoo Finance, inventory is scarce. And so you go there and you click on the map and you can look at some of the other markets that have even less inventory, but a lot of you don’t see that. So I just want to Make sure that I point that out to you that there is more inventory. If you look at the map at Jason hartman.com, slash properties, the map of the United States. Okay, Carrie, you host a very successful podcast. I’ve been on your podcast many times financial survival network, and on your shows you’ve interviewed. I don’t know how many thousands of people now.

Kerry Lutz 11:20
Oh, God, we’re over 5000 episodes in the past seven years.

Jason Hartman 11:24
That’s a lot. Okay. So have you. You talked a lot about crypto currencies and blockchain and all that. Oh, yeah. Right. So have you talked about or looked at the non monetary applications of blockchain?

Kerry Lutz 11:36
Oh, very much. So. We went to the North American blockchain conference, which was held in Miami, I guess it’s city of Miami, not Miami Beach earlier in the year, and there was all sorts of security tokens that they were proposing securitizing exotic cars, potentially securitizing Real Estate, I talked with the guys who were working hand in hand with overstock.com to revolutionize stock trading. Because, look, if you can trade tokens instead of stocks, the transaction costs go down so dramatically. You don’t need Goldman Sachs in the equation you don’t need. Morgan Stanley, any of the other ones JP Morgan tokenization of the markets and asset backed tokens are going to be where it’s at. We need a few more regulatory developments.

Jason Hartman 12:35
Just one thing I want to throw in there on that, that almost smacks of another financial innovation that will become a derivative. And as you know, you I know that many of you love my dopey kindergarden definitions of things I call a derivative, the thing about the thing, a very academic definition By the way, folks, the thing about the thing and could the total can be the thing about the thing, you know, people talk about fiat money all the time, but stock is really a Fiat instrument. It’s, you know, the stock certificate that nobody even has a certificate anymore. Well, the token is now the certificate of the stock certificate, you know,

Kerry Lutz 13:16
I mean, it’s just I don’t know, in theory, at least now let’s forget about how they’re screwing around with naked short selling, and creating more shares in float than the company actually has. Let’s just assume all markets are honest. In that case, good luck with that assumption, oh, let’s just assume for the purposes of our discussion, then you can use a security token. And yes, it will be a derivative instrument effectively, but you can trade it on the blockchain. Other things I’m hearing about now, Sprott global, and several billion dollar Canadian entities along with the Royal Canadian Mint are going to right now they’re selling gold on the blockchain, stored in the Royal Canadian Men audited quarterly maybe even monthly. What they plan to do is, in the future, issue a security token, so that you’ll be able to own the gold just by having a token and transaction costs will go way down. as Rick Rule, head of Sprott global likes, say, when your gold is on deposit with the Royal Canadian Mint, NATO is actually defending your gold for you. So, when I was at the blockchain conference, I’m mentioning somebody you know, we’re getting these asset backed tokens. And this guy goes, Oh, we already have one. Our token is backed by cell phone minutes.

Jason Hartman 14:38
Unbelievable. There is no end to the I’m doing air quotes here. creativity that humans can come up with. It is mind boggling. The creativity. There’s a token about a token about a token. And it’s just you know, it’s a new derivatives market. Really, I that’s what I fear that it is, I mean, in a way I don’t know, you could argue that the blockchain makes things more direct, but it also makes them less direct at the same time. It’s weird, you know?

Kerry Lutz 15:08
Well, here’s the thing, like for certain things like aetherium, and Bitcoin tokens, the blockchain has proven immutable. And there’s millions of nodes, maybe billions of nodes around the around the world that are that are replicating the ledger, the shared public ledger, so it’s impossible to corrupt it. Now, the thing is, like when you can issue more tokens without hooking them into an asset, then you run the risk of what we’ve had in the United States before central banking, where banks would issue more notes than they had specie or gold in the vault. And then you’d have inflation, but presumably on the blockchain here, when a new ounce gets added to the Sprott whatever they’re calling it to This major corporations, it will be hooked into a thing on the blockchain. And you’ll be able to buy. It’ll be one token per ounce. And it’ll be immutable. But until we’ve proven it, we don’t know that for sure. But this is the biggest commitment in precious metals to the blockchain. Well, you know what,

Jason Hartman 16:19
what I haven’t talked about metals much lately, because there hasn’t been much to talk about, but I used I used to talk about gold a lot. And I feared that my dear listeners were getting sick of that discussion. So I kind of I’ll get on a thing for a while, and then I’ll kick the habit eventually. So if you come in, in the middle of one of these things, where I’m all you know, like, there’s 26 episodes on one sort of theme I keep talking about, but then I eventually grow weary of it, and I talk about something else, so stick with me. Yeah, gold, you know, interesting measuring stick. I always say about the precious metals. If you’re going to you know, listen, I’m not a gold bug. I’m not that much of a believer in precious metals, but You’re going to put your money there. Take physical possession. If you don’t take physical possession, all you’ve got is a fee yacht. It’s the same thing Kerry was talking about a minute ago about the certificates for the gold, you know, gold became too onerous to carry it around. Right. So then they took it, put it in a vault gave his certificate, and all you have there is fiat money. That’s all that is, you know, you gotta have the thing, not the thing about the thing, because whenever there’s a thing about a thing, there’s some level of corruption in there. It always turns out that way. And speaking of corruption, maybe that’s a good segue into Dodd Frank. Okay, Carrie, I didn’t bring this up and say we should talk about Dodd Frank a little bit, but this is worthy. I mean, we got a real estate investor audience here. Right. And, as you all know, I predicted that Dodd Frank would be under some major pressure under the Trump administration. Trump has talked about that fairly significantly. And it looks like Congress just approved a bill to dismantle parts of Dodd Frank, significant parts. And Dodd Frank, of course, is this overcorrecting very long, like 2200 page bill that nobody reads. And you know, we asked Nancy Pelosi you got to pass the bill see what’s in it. stupidity, right. And by the way, you know, Nancy Pelosi that idiot that she is she was on talking about Ms. Oh, she’s a nice she’s a frickin

Kerry Lutz 18:34
age challenged. So

Jason Hartman 18:36
shall we say? I think she was intellectually challenged all her life.

Kerry Lutz 18:40
still thinks bush is president. Give the lady cut her some slack here. Maybe after Pence is elected, she’ll understand that Trump is now president.

Jason Hartman 18:51
God, folks, you can’t make this stuff up. You can’t write fiction this good. I mean, it was just ridiculous after Trump made that comment. About the Ms. 13, the vile, violent, disgusting Ms. 13 gang being animals. The media just completely lied. The leftist media just completely lied and misrepresented his remarks. I mean, it is shocking. You know, I think it was George Orwell that said, in an era of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Okay, and I did. This is not a partisan statement. I’m not like sticking up for Trump. I’m just sticking up for the truth. Because the truth actually matters. Okay. It is absurd, folks. You just can’t consume the mainstream media anymore. It’s pathetic. It’s truly pathetic.

Kerry Lutz 19:50
Hey, look, it’s a this has been going on a long time. I think that just large segments of the population. Jason have figured this out. You know, it’s like that song they played a Trump rallies by Twisted Sister. We’re not going to take it and we just stopped taking it, whether you call it red pilling, whether you call it a woke, whatever you want to call it, it’s happening. And no wonder their audiences are dissolving into nothing.

Jason Hartman 20:19
But while you’re talking about the left, right, that’s true now but it Oh, the media, the mainstream media. Yeah, well, that’s left also. I repeat myself the left wing mainstream media. Yeah. The the TAs news agency, right, basically is what we’ve got. That’s from Russia, with love. But they remember the TAs news agency, folks, you gotta watch some old movies and old TV shows. Okay, and props to the newspaper and by the way, at our venture lions mastermind last weekend in New York City. I mentioned before that one of our speakers was David monsterous, who was a guest on the show he gave a presentation about using the blockchain To prevent fake news, and that was just a fascinating presentation. I mean, I just love the discussions we have at the venture Alliance. In fact, it this one, it was kind of an offbeat one because we really had a kind of a heated debate about property management and all that kind of stuff. It was quite interesting. You know, the venture Alliance is where things are kind of raw in it, it just feels good that we can get in a room with really bright people and just hash this stuff out. And, you know, a lot of times we’re not agreeing about stuff, you know, it’s kind of an argument and I think that’s just super stimulating. I love it. I love it. Love it. Love it. I love it. I love it. Okay, so Dodd Frank. Carrie, what are your thoughts on Dodd Frank? Have you been following

Kerry Lutz 21:46
it? I heard that Dodd Frank a lot when when they were both in Congress.

Jason Hartman 21:52
Well, listen, I’ll tell you something. This, this bill, the scariest thing about it is that you know the people running the banking committee had very little experience in banking. Now, in a way I would almost say that’s good. But no,

Kerry Lutz 22:05
yeah, it’s really bad. Because you got to understand the criminal nature of banking in order to understand how to fix it, and printing money out of thin air fractional reserve banking, giving these people the franchise, like whether it’s one bank on a street corner, or whether it’s Bank of America, they all do the same thing. They print money, they extend credit. And by virtue of extended credit, they actually create money from scratch out of nothing. So then this is Yeah,

Jason Hartman 22:38
this subject is something that you know, if you’re new to the show, we’ve talked about this extensively over the last 1006 episodes, but the concept of fractional reserve banking or fractional reserve lending it could be called either one is how money is created out of thin air by lending money is lent into existence, which is a Very odd, difficult thing to get your head around. I mean, and even experts when I had bill Bonner on the show and Bill Bonner, I think of is just super bright. Yeah, my favorite financial writer. Now maybe he’s just being, you know, false false modesty. I don’t know. But he was very gentlemanly on the show. And he said, you know, after all these years, I can’t even really get my head around it. It’s such an obscure scam. That it it really is hard to get your head around. It isn’t.

Kerry Lutz 23:29
Yeah, and that’s the problem when you have idiots on these committees who are owned by the banks. The one thing that we all can agree on, is that basically, the whole system’s corrupt. That’s why it collapsed and and that’s why it’s probably going to collapse again at some point, and nothing’s been done to address that. But the Dodd Frank what it did was consolidated the banks and gave them even more power gave the too big to fail banks even more market share, and made it impossible for the smaller banks to compete because they’re so over regulated they can’t

Jason Hartman 24:04
afford regulatory burden is too big for small players. And as I’ve said many times before, this is why you have almost zero startup culture in the world of banking and Wall Street. Because I mean, think about how you have so much innovation in the markets in in virtually everything in our life. Guess where you don’t have innovation? You don’t have it in the university system? When colleges, right, because there’s tons of regulation in the accreditation scam. Okay. You don’t have it in banking. You don’t have it in Wall Street. You don’t have it in government, because these are monopolies. They’re monopolies that are protected.

Kerry Lutz 24:43
Yeah, absolutely. And that’s a big part of the problem. And the more regulated it is, it becomes like a public utility Jason, and you have no innovation and then it becomes a stranglehold for the industry. Yeah, and the only way they can make money is by gobbling up smaller Banks. So look, any improvement any rollback of the regulation on community banks and smaller banks, credit unions is a plus. But it needs to go so much further. And we need to totally revamp the system. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to take another collapse. Yeah. You know,

Jason Hartman 25:17
a lot of this stuff. It just takes kind of a revolution. And that revolution might be just an economic collapse or whatever. But so one of the things that’s interesting here, is you look at regulation and the discussion about regulation. So we talk often about how we want our clients to be investing in landlord friendly markets. And interestingly, the linear markets and the hybrid markets that we recommend for investors are generally pretty landlord friendly. Okay. Where is the high risk markets, the cyclical markets, those are landlord unfriendly, they’re tenant friendly. And listen, if we’re going to be investing we want to be investing In a place that is friendly to our cause as landlords, you know, there’s an old saying, and this is, you know, if you teach your kids, nothing about economics, teach them this supply and demand. They’ll figure that out naturally, because that’s so obvious, right? But here’s something he can teach him. Money always goes where it’s treated best. Money always goes where it’s treated best. And you should put your money where it’s treated best. It’s not treated best on Wall Street. It’s, you know, that’s an insider’s game, obviously, and it’s not treated best in the landlord unfriendly markets. Let me give you an example. The communists that run Seattle, the self loathing, suicide committing communists that that run a place like Seattle and listen, Seattle is only a poster child. This concept is certainly true in most of California, etc, right? They basically told Mom and Pop landlords and by the way, one of our listeners, Christina sent me this article that criminals have to be accepted in your properties, you can’t discriminate. Now, this is what they want to be the new protected class. Right? Great. So you, you know, look at protected class should be based on immutable characteristics. Okay, so race is an immutable characteristic. Gender is an immutable characteristic. conceivably, gender choice is an immutable characteristic. Okay? Now, religion is not an immutable characteristic. That’s a belief system, right? But anyway, that’s a protected class, right? Family composition is an immutable characteristic, at least at any given moment. It is now you know, look at like, I’m single, right? Someone and I don’t have kids, and someone could say they want to discriminate against me because they only want to rent a married people. For example, right? Remember that scene in the movie? The firm. Where were they said The firm likes married employees. Right? I guess because they have more obligations, they’re not likely to quit their job as easily right. But family status is an immutable characteristic at a time Now certainly I could change that and become married. In fact, I’m looking if you know any possible candidates, I would like to get married. I’ll just say that now. Carrie, you’ve been married three times, right? You’re not recommending this idea.

Kerry Lutz 28:25
I say if you escaped by this point in your life, I’m putting them on the spot. Why? Why ruin a good thing?

Jason Hartman 28:33
Okay. Well, you already had your kids and did your thing. So you know. I want to I want to I want to try my hand at that.

Kerry Lutz 28:42
All right, well, more power and wish you the best and just get a prenup.

Jason Hartman 28:47
Okay, there you go. Alright, so Seattle. Now being a criminal. Is that an immutable characteristic? I mean, think about it. If you’re going to have a protected class, it should be on an immutable character. Something you can’t

Kerry Lutz 29:00
change Ms. 13 I think they’re pretty immutable. Yeah, right. Right. Right. So,

Jason Hartman 29:05
so you got to rent your house in Seattle to Ms. 13. Folks, this is the kind of stuff you face in landlord unfriendly environments. So it’s not just about the rent to value ratio, the cash flow. It’s about the regulatory climate. Is it friendly to our causes landlords. So there you go. Hey, For more on this and a zillion other great subjects that all of you have enjoyed. And I know all of you have asked for this. And guess what? It’s here. It’s here. You can go to Hartman, education calm that’s Hartman education calm and it is now available, the professionally edited meet the masters of income property, audio files, okay. We intentionally did not offer the video because we know is possible. listeners you like yours truly here? You like audio files because they are portable. And guess what? That’s what you’ve got. And they are available at a special price at Hartman, education calm, you can get the meet the Masters audio files, it includes everything with one exception. It does not include Ron Paul. Okay, because of course we hired ron paul to come and speak. He was great. But we do not have the publishing the reproduction rights for Ron Paul. So it’s got everything else. It was awesome. You’ll hear john burns, you’ll hear just all of the other great speakers you’ll you’ll hear me you’ll hear everybody. And it’s it’s super good. So super good. How’s that for a convincing thing to say? It’s super good. So Hartman education comm check those out. And also do not take a tropical vacation. Because you’re going on vacation with us. We’re about to come out with an announcement then totally New two day conference that we’re offering first week in November in a tropical paradise. So stay tuned on that. And we’re going to wrap it up Hartman education calm for the meet the Masters audio that is available now. We will look forward to talking with you on the next episode. Until then, happy investing and thanks for listening and Carrie, thanks for joining me

Kerry Lutz 31:22
anytime, Jason, my pleasure.

Jason Hartman 31:25
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