In this episode, Jason Hartman and John Truman Wolfe discussed the POTUS election, Senate, and the media. They answer the following questions- Who is going to be the next POTUS? Who will control the Senate? Has the media shaped our view of whoever holds the highest office?

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Greetings from Palm Beach, Florida, and welcome to Episode 1585. And here in Palm Beach, Florida, it is a chilly 73 degrees. It’s windy, chilly and beautiful outside. Wow, what a beautiful day. What a beautiful evening. And anyway, this is the eve of the big election, one of the most bitter and highly contested presidential elections while certainly of my lifetime, but maybe maybe in the American lifetime. I’m not sure I heard some of those impacts were pretty nasty way before my time. But again, I don’t know, I don’t know enough about it. So today we have john Truman Wolf with us. And we’re getting pretty political. But we’re also talking about bail ins bank bail ins and the threat of that. We’re talking about the demand for battery technology and lithium, and things like that. So we’re not going to talk a lot about real estate here. We definitely talked about the mass migration with the riots, otherwise known as the Joe Biden campaign rallies. And you know, Riot Joe Biden campaign rally, it’s about the same thing. It’s certainly the same set of voters. Nope, no one could deny that. But yeah, you know, so if anybody listening is bothered by political stuff, you know, maybe needs a safe space, then this probably isn’t the best episode for you. But I think you’ll learn a lot from it. Because we talked about some pretty interesting topics. We’ve got some, we’re going to start out with some comedy, some comedian, we’re going to start out with a late Robin Williams, may he rest in peace. And Robin Williams A long time ago talking about Joe Biden, none other than Joe Biden and Robin Williams. So we’ll have that in a moment. We got a little clip from Bill O’Reilly. We’ve got a clip, the man on the street type interview, where our reporter goes and interviews a whole bunch of people at buzzer Berkeley otherwise known as Berkeley, you know, that crazy college, my mom’s alma mater, up in Northern California, and then interviews a bunch of people to get their reaction in minority neighborhoods, and see what they think of those elitist whities at Berkeley. Yeah, you know, so they’re pretty insulting, pretty condescending if he asked me, so we’ve got some clips of that, and we think it’ll be an entertaining show for you. But, you know, the amazing thing about the selection, and this is not a partisan statement, this is just a, probably a fact. And you can decide whether or not you think it’s a sad fact or a good fact, depending on which side of the aisle you’re on. But if Trump does not win tomorrow, if that should happen, he will likely be the last republican president in America for a long, long, long time. Because instantly, we will see and O’Reilly talks about this 15 to 20 million, what we call them, Hillary Clinton summon Hillary Clinton’s words, workers without papers. Yes, we will see them get instant amnesty under a Biden administration. And that will that will almost guarantee a democratic win for like any election coming up for a long, long time. Because, you know, many of these, these groups they get pandered to, and they get bamboozled by these liars that make promises and never deliver on them. It’s amazing that a candidate like Biden, for example, just one of many can make these promises for 47 years, almost five decades, to his various special interest groups and their lives keep getting worse. their standard of living, I’m judging it economically. But hey, judge it by drug use, education quality, health care availability, a whole bunch of other things, right? He makes all these promises to these groups, like he’s going to help them for 47 years for almost five decades. Yet in every measurable category, their standard of living has gotten worse, and worse and worse. Yet, how does he still win that vote? It’s absolutely astonishing to me. If you can explain that to me. Please, comment. If you’re on YouTube, just make a comment on the video. If you’re only listening, then just go to Jason Slash ask and let me know, educate me, because I don’t get it. I don’t understand. But hey, we’re gonna do our election recap, you know, get through this crazy week. And then we’re going to be talking all about real estate, and I’ve got a an upcoming course you’re gonna love. A great real estate course, teach you how to invest during these absolutely turbulent times that we’re living in.

So without further ado, let’s get to our guest today. JOHN Truman wolf back again on the show. Here he is. It’s my pleasure to welcome john Truman wolf back to the show. He is the author of several books, including the coming financial crisis, and the strategic intelligence newsletter, I believe, right. Did I have that right?

John Truman Wolfe 6:35
a strategic Financial Intelligence Jason Dziedzic

Jason Hartman 6:38
Financial Intelligence newsletter, john, welcome back. We had so many people that just loved your talk the last time over 112 are no over 120,000 views on YouTube, like 576 comments, people having whole conversations about bank bail ins. And boy, we can talk about that. I know you want to talk about lithium prices and investments a little bit there. But tomorrow is a big day, isn’t it for not only the United States, but for the world who is going to be the next president? And who’s going to control the Senate. What are your thoughts?

John Truman Wolfe 7:18
Well, yeah, you’re right. I mean, this is, and you know, all the talking heads on TV, say it, but it’s true. This is the most important election and perhaps in American history. Certainly the most important election, if I have to go back in history to 1828 when Andy Jackson took out the second Central Bank of the United States, this is a big deal. It is a big deal. As you say, for the country. It’s a big deal for the world. And, you know, I Ma’am, the country sitting on pins and needles, and there’s, there’s a lot at play here across the government in all three branches of government and, you know, 24 hours.

Jason Hartman 8:00
Okay, so why is it a big deal? Well, I have my opinion, but I want to hear yours.

John Truman Wolfe 8:06
Well, the choices are dramatically opposed. Yeah. On the one hand, you have but

Jason Hartman 8:13
but they were the last time between Trump and Obama or not, while not Obama, but you know, when the last time around when Trump was running, and I mean, it was so I was so proud of America, the day that Trump was inaugurated. And this is why not because Trump became president so much, but this is what made me so proud, is the orderly peaceful transfer of power? You know, you saw Trump walk in, and the Obamas walk out? And those two couldn’t be more opposed, right. And that’s impressive, you know, that just gives me goosebumps thinking about it. In other countries, that just would never happen. You know, I mean, some other countries that would obviously but, you know, it really, I’m impressed, you know, the three branches of government the checks and balances in hotly contested elections, you know, now, I don’t think this one’s going to be peaceful, by the way, so I’m speaking too soon. But, you know, generally they’ve been pretty, pretty darn peaceful. But now, it seems that rioting or sorry, Joe Biden campaign rallies, otherwise known as riots are like a sport, you know, sadly, and that’s a whole nother topic. But it does impress me that, you know, we can transfer power. So they’re diametrically opposed. I mean, nothing is is Hillary, Hillary and Trump, are they no different than Biden and Trump? Are they more diametrically opposed?

John Truman Wolfe 9:39
Well, I think so. Well, diametric, diametrically opposed. I’m not so sure. I don’t know what Joe Biden’s policies are. Frankly, I know what I

Jason Hartman 9:50
don’t think he knows. No.

John Truman Wolfe 9:54
No, he doesn’t. I mean at once he locates, what state he’s in, and what office he’s running for you Who is running against? And and that’s right. And who is running against george bush? You know, I mean, look to be kind the guys at the beginning stages of dementia. Oh yeah. And if he were to be elected, my opinion is he would not last four years. Oh and Kamala Harris is a been depictive nasty woman. This is trepidatious. And so if you look at the policies, Trump versus, you know, Biden slash Harris, then you begin to see how diametrically opposed they are. I mean, she is left and she’s, she’s not even. She doesn’t even have the integrity of like a Bernie Sanders. Bernie loves socialism. He’s out there, he says that he pushes his socialistic policies, Kamala Harris is covertly hostile. Right. And so it is Trump who is, you know, in some aspects libertarian ish, not across the boards, but he’s a free acting guy, Donald Trump should keep his tweet and his mouth closed. Sometimes that’s

Jason Hartman 11:13
said, No, no, no one would disagree with that. Now,

John Truman Wolfe 11:18
the most productive president in American history,

Jason Hartman 11:21
I can say I’m a me I am amazed at how much energy Trump has, I mean, on the campaign trail in the White House. And you know what, you know, what the left never notices, look at how abusive the Obamas wore to the office and the taxpayers. The cadre of servants, Michelle Obama had the trips in Air Force One, you know, bringing that entourage of over 300 people to all of these countries. I mean, Trump hasn’t done any of that stuff. You know, he doesn’t like abuse the office like that, you know, he hasn’t started all these fruitless wars, he’s gotten us out of them. He just never gets credit that, you know, it makes me want to support Trump, just because the media is so unfair to him. I mean, just because, you know, look, nobody likes a bully, right, except maybe another boy. And, you know, you could accuse Trump of being a little bully ish, or sometimes, but I don’t really think I mean, you know, he’s, he’s just bombastic. That’s the way he is. But the media is a bully, the media bullies Trump, and it is just ridiculous, how unfair of a judge, jury and executioner they are, it really is,

John Truman Wolfe 12:33
well, you know, this, this Twitter holding back, the New York Post story, Facebook’s holding it, this begins to get really outrageous, this begins to be, you know, very East German communist kind of stuff.

Jason Hartman 12:48
It goes to show you that the left has no interest in democratic principles. They have no interest in tolerance, they have no interest in debate, because their arguments won’t withstand the scrutiny of debate. They simply vilify people and label them and negate them. And then they just censor them. I mean, and what we’ve got to realize is that these social media platforms have gdps. In other words, their annual revenue of say, Facebook is about the same as the country of Chile. Yeah. You know, do you realize how significant that is? I mean, these are these are not companies existing in a competitive market, where you just can go somewhere else, right? These are companies that have totally monopolized their place in the market, whether they be Amazon, apple, Facebook, Twitter, and they are just, it’s appalling what they are doing. I mean, it’s just appalling. Yeah.

John Truman Wolfe 13:51
Yeah. Not

Jason Hartman 13:52
only Google that I mean, last time, leave Google out. But yeah, go ahead.

John Truman Wolfe 13:57
But I’m monopolizing and abusing and I listen, I you know, if I’m close to anything, I’m, I’m libertarian ish. Yet, I would favor a control of these corporations so that they can exercise that kind of abuse of the First Amendment. So I think

Jason Hartman 14:14
that’ll pull this, you know, Article 230, or section 230. Or of whatever munications decency act? Yeah. CDA. Yeah.

John Truman Wolfe 14:23
They should they should pull it

Jason Hartman 14:25
that way. Absolutely. Should It’s ridiculous. That was created at a time when the internet was just getting off the ground. And why is it that the new york times as much as you know, the New York Times I’m just using them as a bad example. But if they say something, or print something in the New York Times, they can be sued for libel, yet Google and Facebook and Twitter, they’re just exempt from it, and then they can censor at the same time. It’s absolutely ridiculous. They have the best of all worlds. It’s ridiculous. I’ve been saying this for years, john. They need to be either or Split up under antitrust laws regulated under the same types of laws, utilities are regulated under common carrier laws. Right? Let me just again, for my listeners, give them an example. You know, if we’re on the phone together, and the phone company doesn’t like what we’re talking about, as long as we’re paying the bill, they don’t have the right to cut off our phone service. Okay. Yeah, yet Facebook and Twitter and Twitter is the most disgusting of all, but we don’t know the type of censorship that say Google is engaged in. And even in Facebook, either, right? Why do we see what we see in our news feed? Right? Why do we see what we see in our search results? We don’t know. It’s all secret. It’s like this. You know, this kangaroo court for information? It’s a star chamber. You know, it’s North Korea. I mean, it’s absolutely ridiculous. So split up under antitrust laws regulated under common carrier laws, and or their algorithms need to be made public. So everybody knows why they see what they see in their search results, etc.

John Truman Wolfe 16:07
I wrote a newsletter back some months ago, Jason, which started off with a representative from DARPA, I don’t know if your your your listeners know, DARPA, which is basically the Dr. Strangelove of American. Yep. Very dark people.

Jason Hartman 16:25
That was a great movie, by the way.

John Truman Wolfe 16:28
Yeah. One of the great ones, you know, they don’t get any better Peter Sellers. Anyway, a representative from DARPA, the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA, sitting in a room as Sergei, Brandon. And Larry Page rollerbladed. In this is one they’re getting their PhD at Stanford, this is true story. And they would give them an update on how the research was doing and the development of that algorithm. And those government agencies would cough up money. So Google was funded by government intelligence. And if you look at the recruiting over the last few years, Google’s executive staff is recruited from the NSA, from, you know, the CIA, etc. Google is different for government intelligence.

Jason Hartman 17:18
And, and Facebook’s been accused of that to supposedly the CIA was one of the original investors in Facebook.

John Truman Wolfe 17:24
They were they just haven’t been as abusive. But yeah, both of those companies, and look where they are. Look at the amount of influence they have on opinions. It’s outrageous. I would, I would agree with your comments on what should be done with them. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 17:38
yeah, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Well, hey, let’s move on to the election, we should do a whole show sometime in the future about censorship. And that, because it’s absolutely ridiculous. But let me share my screen here. I’ve got a couple of conversation starters for you, john. And I want to get your opinion, your thoughts on some of these things? Okay. Yep. Okay, let’s just jump in here, I was going to just talk to my listeners a little bit about real estate. But this artificially low interest rates have created this massive seller’s market where you know, properties are flying off the shelf is, you know, just your opinion about these fake interest rates, we have these in real terms, negative interest rates, right. You know, if you look at the real inflation rate, I just like to get your thoughts on that. Because you know, you’re a financial guy, and what do you think I think

John Truman Wolfe 18:26
the Fed ought to get out of the business of keeping interest rates at zero, or as you say, minus I mean, as you were in your listeners probably may or may not know, there’s, I think the figures $13 trillion worth of actual negative interest rate bonds in Europe. And my concern is, is that it’s coming. And there’s some flawed thinking that, oh, that’s going to get people to take money out of the bank and spend it and it’s good for the economy. No, it just destroys the savings, particularly of seniors, retirees, I think it’s really bad policy.

Jason Hartman 19:03
Yeah, because the rates are artificially low. And older people tend to be Savers, and they use that nest egg. And now john, they’re forced into all of these much more speculative higher risk investments that they shouldn’t be investing in at their age, right? They should be able to ladder their CDs or buy some conservative bonds. And that should be there, maybe municipal bonds, but we know, you know, we know the municipalities are in big trouble and the pension crisis, but they can’t do that anymore, can they?

John Truman Wolfe 19:35
No, they can’t, they can’t do it. And, you know, artificial is the exact right word. These interest rates, if the Fed got out of the way would rise to it to you know, to where they belong. And I don’t know what that number is exactly, but it’s certainly not zero or a quarter of a percent.

Jason Hartman 19:53
Yeah, no, you’re absolutely right. Well, we have what we have, but let’s talk a little bit about the election. I hope By the sound comes through on this. Okay, but let me just play a couple of clips here. I think you’ll enjoy some of this. It’s a little levity for, for the intense times we’re living in. So let me just move my mic over here.

John Truman Wolfe 20:13
We still have comedy though we still have great comedy out there. There’s always rambling, Joe Biden.

John Truman Wolfe 20:20
Joe says people dread SCO know

John Truman Wolfe 20:26
what is going on.

John Truman Wolfe 20:29
Joe is like your uncle is on a new drug and hasn’t got the dosage right.

John Truman Wolfe 20:34
I’m proud to work with America. He’s not a superhero you

John Truman Wolfe 20:44
willing to let the American public judge my physical mental filter, my physical as well as my mental fitness president and the democratic demagogues around the world. Donald Trump is reelected. Donald Trump doesn’t want to shed light. He wants to generate he stroking violence in our cities, stoking violence

John Truman Wolfe 21:08
for Trump,

John Truman Wolfe 21:12
and you ain’t black. They don’t have nothing to do with Trump. What you all know, but most people don’t know. Unlike the African American community with notable exceptions, the Latino community is incredibly diverse community. Where I come from, you don’t get far unless you ask. My name is Joe Biden, I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look over here, like we see

Jason Hartman 21:40
is forgetting his name.

John Truman Wolfe 21:48
And, you know, there was a I think that the former senator, do you just carry that familiar voice? You know, what I mean? just spoke? Well, he’s right about one important thing. We

John Truman Wolfe 22:05
go COVID has taken this year, just outbreak, it’s taken more than 100 year

John Truman Wolfe 22:22
lives. It’s just think about it.

John Truman Wolfe 22:27
You know, the rapidly rising

John Truman Wolfe 22:32
in with with

John Truman Wolfe 22:40
Dartmouth, and healthcare at the medical school or not, I guess the one I’m passing on the campus, but people from the medical school where

John Truman Wolfe 22:49
I want to be clear, I’m not going to notice I’m not sure whether it’s a medical school really how I spoke.

John Truman Wolfe 22:56
I proposed I’m gonna digress slightly. Here we were in a situation, the President asked me to head up the Cancer Moonshot to another country in a significant

Jason Hartman 23:07
portion of Crimea.

John Truman Wolfe 23:11
It was President

Jason Hartman 23:15

John Truman Wolfe 23:19
just win and stay in Honduras and say, Look, I took on a poor in terms of Iraq, I mean, excuse me in terms of what was going on in Ukraine, I strengthened by strengthening my strength, by investing 100 million dollars of education, global warming efforts and salaries if we can afford it by just eliminating beginning to treat, treat, work reward work as much as well.

John Truman Wolfe 23:49
I got hairy legs that turn that turn.

John Truman Wolfe 24:00
I broke my leg down.

John Truman Wolfe 24:03
Watch the air. Come back up again. If you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun. Have the shells of 12 gauge shock and look at so I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping on my lap. Oh man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger. We have to just change the culture period and keep punching and punching and punching will be a big and immediately changed the law in the state of Delaware protecting transgender people. We have to eliminate the funding gap that exists between minority white majority white and non white districts. We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. For Kids, you’re just as bright and just as tough as white kids.

Jason Hartman 24:56
Okay, but let’s just end it there. I mean, that is So embarrassing. Can you imagine him meeting and dealing with world leaders?

John Truman Wolfe 25:07
Well, it’s, you know, on the one hand, you can’t watch that not laugh,

Jason Hartman 25:12
and even back to Robin Williams when he was around. I mean, wow.

John Truman Wolfe 25:15
Yeah. Yeah. It’s sad. It’s also sad. And it’s a comment on a certain segment of the population, that they would actually nominate this man. Oh, yeah. Be the President of the United States. It’s an arrow

Jason Hartman 25:29
candidate. Unbelievable. Yeah.

John Truman Wolfe 25:31
There’s big bill o’reilly. I don’t know. I don’t know that. I’ve seen this clip.

Jason Hartman 25:35
Oh, yeah. Yeah, why he’s gonna play it because he’s just talking a little bit about the difference. You know, what happens if there’s Biden win versus a Trump win? Right. But like you were saying, I mean, what a candidate, right, john? You know, what do you think?

John Truman Wolfe 25:49
Well, I think the guy should go to a retirement home. I think the Democratic Party is out of their minds. I think there must be, I can’t imagine being a leader, one of the opinion leaders in the Democratic Party, and looking at this man, as he stumbles through his campaign. It’s scary. It’s scary. It’s sad, you know, Joe Biden should go back to his basement and chill out with his wife, whom he stole from a married man years ago.

Jason Hartman 26:18
I don’t know that story. But but there’s a long history of Biden lying and deceit. And, obviously, crony capitalism. We know that’s out of the bag. Now. I mean,

John Truman Wolfe 26:31
shooting off on is caught on his college exams. And then of course, there’s this laptop business, which which the mainstream media will not talk about, which is clearly he’s involved in international, I don’t know if it’s formally money laundering, but certainly doing business when China and and, and the Ukraine, this whole burisma thing. I mean, it’s if this were Trump, I, you know, Adam shift would be non stop. So it’s a really sad commentary on the country.

Jason Hartman 27:04
There’s a massive double standard, isn’t it? It’s a double standard. And it makes it makes me sad. I mean, I don’t, you know, clearly want Trump to win this election. But seeing this guy parade around his lack of intelligence, his lack of understanding of government policy, it’s scary, Jason, that this guy could be elected. It’s a it’s it’s really scary. It really is. And his lack of integrity. Don’t forget that one. When you compare him to Trump, I don’t know that I trust Trump a whole bunch, either. But the one thing I do trust about him is that I trust that he’s for America, and he’s for the American people. And that I wholeheartedly trust. I think he’ll do all kinds of slide tricks to get what he wants. But I think he really cares about the country deeply. I sense that. Well,

John Truman Wolfe 27:58
he does. I mean, he does, and I and I think that, in my opinion, I think that’s grown on him as he has taken on and accepted the responsibility for running the country. And his dedication to Pitt to patriotism. And and the military, I think, is also mainly on the one hand, he’s smart, because he knows that America needs to have a strong military, yet. He’s not, you know, chasing these third world wars. We’ve been in Afghanistan 18 years spent a trillion dollars, thousands of young men and women have died there. What are we doing there? What in the world are we doing in Afghanistan? And at least Trump’s got the guts to pull these guys home? Yeah,

Jason Hartman 28:42
no, I agree. I agree. When you look at Biden, I was trying to compare him to all sort of all of the modern presidents john, and I wonder what you think of this analysis? You look back, you know, and you think, okay, is Biden smarter than, you know, by comparison than any of these past presidents? Go back to Kennedy? Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, you know, Bush, number one, Clinton, Bush, number two, I mean, Obama and Trump, I mean, Biden is dumber than any of those, right? I it’s just unbelievable that he could be a candidate. I’m amazed.

John Truman Wolfe 29:25
Well, when you have somebody that is as disingenuous as he is, and who has lied as much as he has, when you get older, as he has become, his ability to speak straight goes away. And all of these, you know, cast, you know, outrageous acts, they kind of sit in his mind. And so he can even discuss policy, you know, without stumbling know, he’s not as smart as any of the past presidents that you’ve mentioned. He’s a joke. And he’s also you know, I don’t want to get into that too much. But But yeah, I met him once I was on the board of the National Foundation of women legislators years ago. He was there and this guy’s a little bit on the side a little bit of a lecture. Let me just say that.

Jason Hartman 30:18
Yeah, well, I don’t know. Did he ask you to feel his legs

John Truman Wolfe 30:24
look at the heroin is like that seems to run in the family you know? Yeah.

Jason Hartman 30:29
Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s really crazy. It really is. This will be continued on the next episode. Thank you for listening and happy investing.

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