At the start of the show, Jason Hartman shares a billion-dollar brilliant idea. He then gives examples of disruptive technologies and how they will affect future endeavors. This leads to a conversation about income property because it is an asset class that is difficult to disrupt. Jason also shares his thoughts about Wall Street, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies or mining commodities from asteroids.

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Well, welcome to the creating wealth Show Episode Number 833 eight Three, this is your host, Jason Hartman. And I am coming to you today mobile portable from Paris, France. Yes, socialist Paris, France. As I was on the way over here, I was reading an article in Fast Company magazine, which seems to be very, very well, shall I say big government oriented? haven’t read that magazine in a while and I was really just shocked at the articles I got about halfway through the entire magazine on the plane, as I was coming from beautiful, beautiful, stunning, charming. One of my favorite cities in Europe, Riga, Latvia. Yes, one that you have likely missed in your travels. Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you haven’t, but let me know if you have. It was my second trip to Riga and I just love that little town. What a charming little town and before that I visited Vilnius, Vilnius in Lithuania. Just about a three hour bus ride. On a luxury motor coach for 16 euros with Wi Fi, that didn’t work, but they have Wi Fi. Folks. Here’s a brilliant business idea before we talk about investing before we talk about real estate today, I want to share with you something in the world that needs to be fixed in this could be your big business idea someone needs to take this great idea I have, and they need to run with it. Okay, so I’ve been traveling around Europe for the past couple weeks, as you know, and I have traveled extensively in my life I’ve been to now 81 countries, Lithuania was number 81 on the list. And I have traveled to many of those countries several times. So it’s not just at one like I went one time, but some of them I’ve been to many, many times. For example, this is probably my fourth trip to Paris, France, many other trips to France as well. Not including Paris. So here is my big idea for you, you ready for this multibillion dollar idea? Yes, this could be bigger than Facebook. It could be bigger than Google. It could be big. Okay, because someone has got to solve this problem. I have long thought that the UN could do the human race a favor and solve this problem. No, it is not outlawing leaf blowers. But that’s a problem too, although I don’t see many of those in Europe, or here, many of them thankfully. And it is not outlawing smoking. Although that has got to end smoking is the dumbest frickin thing ever. Why do people smoke and pollute my air? It is disgusting. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

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I hate it. I don’t know what I hate more smokers or leaf blowers, what’s not smokers? I hate but it’s the act of smoking. I understand. It’s a very, very addictive thing. I grew up with a smoker. My mom was a pack a day smoker for 25 years. And you know how she quit? She got hypnotized. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it my very, very tenacious. But I would say stubborn. On the flattering side, you say that is tenacious on the nutso, flattering side, you say stubborn mother. She was a smoker for many years. And when I was a kid, one day, she just decided, you know, I’m gonna give this up, she went to a hypnotist, three sessions. $75 quit forever, you know, and this was decades ago, and now she hates smoking and would never even consider it, although she was like a militant smoker. When I was a kid, I used to complain about the smoke, and she’s like, I don’t care. You know, whatever. Anyway, you wouldn’t do that. Nowadays. That’d be considered child abuse. But you know, I grew up in the old days, it was different back then. So here is the big business opportunity. Before we talk about real estate. I’m going to tell you about the business idea why Is it that when you book a hotel, or you go on that luxury motor coach that I took from Vilnius, Lithuania to Riga, Latvia the other day? Why is it that they can just get away? All these vendors, all these hotels, all these coffee shops, all these buses, all these airplanes, they can just get away with saying, we have Wi Fi. Oh, is if Wi Fi is just WiFi. It’s like saying, we have a car. Will what kind of car is it? Is it a good car, a bad car, a medium car? You know, we have a house. Is it a good house, a bad house, a medium house? You know, different houses cost different prices, different cars cost different prices? Why the hell is it possible for the world to just say Wi Fi is if it’s some genetic term, right? How about some company engaged in rating Wi Fi? Why isn’t there a field on Yelp and TripAdvisor stating that this Wi Fi is certified to be at least this speed and have this much reliability? Why isn’t that published? Why can’t I choose a hotel on what I think is one of the most important factors, internet connectivity, speed and reliability? That is what I think is a super important thing. You know, give me an uglier hotel with a better Wi Fi And trust me, I will choose the better Wi Fi. I will pay a premium for it. I just think that some company should. Here’s how you do it. Here’s the business opportunity. Okay, you develop an app, and then you get the crowd to go in speed tests. All these different Wi Fi eyes and you crowdsource this, right? Because it would take far too much manpower to send all these people out into the field every establishment around the planet to rate their Wi Fi. And then of course, it’ll change, it won’t always be the same, right? This month, the Wi Fi might be like this, but next month, it might be worse or better, right? So you’ve got to constantly crowdsource it, and you pay the crowd, or just give the crowd some kind of gamification, some points, some rewards for doing using your app to speed test the Wi Fi at all these establishments. Okay, so you know, you all probably know about this app and website called speed test dotnet. And there are many others out there too. In fact, I’ve heard some detractors of that one, but I downloaded that app on my phone, and I paid for the premium version without ads for 99 cents. And so now I go around testing the Wi Fi speed at all these places. But why is it that I have to wait till I get there? Twice. have already paid for the hotel in order to know should I know first? Shouldn’t this be something that when I go on hotwire or hotels calm or TripAdvisor or anywhere, there should be a Wi Fi, speed and reliability indicator as part of my decision to book the hotel? Why is the hotel rated one to five stars, but the internet connection isn’t rated one to five stars. Seriously, folks, this is a big business idea. And you can do it fairly well. I don’t want to say easy because every business is so much harder than it looks from the outside. But here’s my big idea. Take this idea, run with it, please, someone do this. I just want to use it. Okay, I don’t want to make the billions you’re gonna make from implementing this idea. But the way you do it is you created an app. And the app is something people can’t tamper with. Okay. And then you just give that app out for free. In the Android and iPhone store. People go around the world. crowdsourcing, and you know, maybe they get like recognition or maybe they get micro payments for testing the Wi Fi and all these different places. And of course, it would, you know, have the IP address connected to the speed and that would be, you know, that would feed right up to your centralized, you know, database that would keep track of all this stuff and then republish it for the world. And it would just be like Yelp for Wi Fi, TripAdvisor for Wi Fi, you know, or whatever for Wi Fi. Why can’t someone do that? Seriously, this needs to be done. The United Nations, the UN, right? Do you know what that corrupt organization could do for the world? One of the best things I thought they could ever do. I mean, I thought this 1520 years ago, I said this to people, global Wi Fi for free for the entire world. Remember, the UN wanted to do this hundred dollar laptop project, and they could never really make that happened where they could, you know, give everybody $100 laptop. Well, they didn’t pull that off. They don’t think I’ve ever tried to connect the world with Wi Fi. So the rising billions could come into the internet era. And I think if people aren’t connected, that leads to usually peace. Certainly there are haters out there, right? They use the internet for hate, you know, ISIS and so forth, uses social media all the time. But by and large, I think if people are connected, they will be less likely to be violent and hostile toward each other, and recognize each other’s humanity most of the time. I think, overall, it’s net good. And I think that would certainly lead a lot of people out of poverty would lead to a lot more peace will lead to a lot more connection. People tend to not destroy people they know. You know, if you have friends in another country, and the Internet has connected us all, you’re going to be less likely to do that. So I think this would be a good thing. So take that idea and run with it. Okay, now let’s talk about investing because I am on a tangent again, you know how it is with my tangents. Okay, so a couple things. First of all, you know that in the past, we have had many, many episodes A long time ago, where we talked about cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Litecoin Kanye West coin, yes, Kanye coin. He had one for a little while, Ethereum, there are many others, right? And now, these crypto currencies, well, not all of them, but Bitcoin certainly has been on a tear, it’s been going up a lot, right? Totally speculative, doesn’t produce any income. And that’s, you know, that’s a challenge, right? And there’s this old saying, never bet against the Fed, right? The Federal Reserve and meaning not just the Federal Reserve, in my case when I’m talking about it, but all central banks around the world could be the European Central Bank, any central bank, but the Federal Reserve, the US Central Bank, being the biggest and you know, all these mysterious central bank That run the world, right? So, you know, you, you, you, you bet on a crypto currency, you’re betting against the Fed and the other central banks and all the governments of the world with fiat currencies with currency that is by authority by Fiat, right. That’s what that means by authority by decree. The government says it’s about has value. So it does because those are the the legal tender laws that make us all use it right? We’re actually forced to use the currency with legal tender laws. We can’t open an establishment and say, I will not accept dollars, I will only accept gold or silver or Bitcoin. That’s actually illegal. Can you imagine that’s actually illegal to say that if you open if you open a store, and you tell people you and it’s in the US and you say I don’t accept dollars? Well, you’re going to jail. So that’s interesting, huh? Yes, you have right on the note on the Federal Reserve Note, it says for all debts private and public. Okay, so Bitcoin has been on a tear. Well, one of my Bitcoin friend fans, people been bugging me about this lately because they’ve been saying, well, Jason, you know, do you have you changed your mind? And look, I would love to, as I have said publicly, many, many times, I would love nothing more than to be wrong about this. I’d love to be wrong, because I would love nothing more than to see some decentralized. I don’t want to say private but you know what I mean? It is private, I guess. non governmental, non central bank non Bilderberg Group sponsored now I’m sounding like a conspiracy guy. And some of you just tuned out right then, you know, but hey, the reason conspiracy theories exists is because some of them are actually true. And I let’s lest I remind you that The United States of America was a conspiracy. It was a conspiracy against Britain. Okay, there are lots of conspiracies, folks. Get a clue. Okay. conspiracies exist all over the place. You don’t have to be alex jones to believe in conspiracies because they actually are true. Many of them, some aren’t. But many of them are. Okay. So, I would love nothing more than to see one of these other cryptocurrencies or some decentralized currency rise up and take over and overshadow the dollar in the euro and all these fiat currencies around the world, but folks never bet against the Fed. Our philosophy when it comes to investing is to not fight, but it’s to align for our own selfish Vantage to align with the most powerful forces ever known in human history, governments and central banks. So, here is the stunning question that maybe, maybe the meaning of it won’t even sink in. But my friend asked this in a Facebook forum the other day, and he’s a gold bug and the Bitcoin bug, okay? And he’s a podcaster, too. And he says, something very, very intelligent and very telling the way he asked this question, he says, will Bitcoin surpassed $2,000 before gold surpasses $2,000. Now most people will not really consider that question. But I believe, I believe your humble host believes that he has seriously considered that question. And here’s what it means. To me. What it means is just like the diamonds, that are produced in a laboratory, not cubic zirconia. I’m talking about real diamonds that are produced in a laboratory. Just like they can come along and upset the diamond market. So can Bitcoin come along and upset the gold market? And so can something that we don’t even know about yet that doesn’t even exist yet. Come along next year, or next month, or in the next decade, and upset gold and Bitcoin and diamonds and everything else. Right? What you’ve got to always consider is that when you’re an investor, you want to invest in either the most disruptive technology, okay, where you are basically controlling that technology as the investor Right. So if you were Mark Zuckerberg, okay, and you, or you were one of the early investors in, say Facebook or Google, right, or any disruptive technology, and you were the winner now, you know, you never know when you invest in that if you’re going to be the winner, right, if you might be the loser and lose everything, because we always talk about the successes in our culture, but we don’t talk much about the failures. So we don’t see that for every, you know, high tech startup that made it big, where people made fortunes, we don’t see that there were like 1200 failures or maybe 12,000 failures that lots of angel investors and some venture capitalists and then even some investors in the post IPO Initial Public Offering stock markets invested in and they lost their money. Okay? But when you invest in real estate, You are investing. And when I say real estate I really again, as you know, should manage my own language because that’s the wrong wrong phrase. It’s it’s not real estate. It’s income property. Okay. When you invest in income property, you are investing in a very difficult to disrupt asset class. Very difficult to disrupt Why? Because, like, well, Roger said, they’re not making any more land. Okay. Fair enough. All land has been discovered as our client, Gary, who’s been on the podcast a few times, way back a long time ago, likes to say all land has been discovered. It’s been catalogued, that’s been mapped, it is known, okay. And the commodities, the very simple, low tech commodities that I know we’ll be disrupted to some extent I understand this. Okay. You know, but They’re basically pretty low tech, still, you know, you’ve got concrete lumber, petroleum products, class steel, you know, all the parts of the house, you got some pipes, you got some copper wire, you’ve got some drywall. And you know, for all the talk about all the disruption and all the 3d printed houses, isn’t it just funny how you only see that stuff passed around with cool videos on social media. And I bet you’ve never actually seen a 3d printed house. And there’s no big company that’s making them in mass. And there’s you don’t hear about any venture capitalist investing in them. I haven’t heard of any of these companies being backed by big hedge funds to the tune of millions and millions or even more dollars. These things just aren’t there yet. Now granted, I understand. We’re only on episode number 833. So when we’re on episode Number 17,251. I may be eating crow sticking my foot in my mouth. But I will still be playing the flashback Friday episode where you can hear me be wrong. Okay? I will be wrong someday if you wait just long enough, there will be disruption in our low tech, commodity investment, right? of income property. All right, you get what I’m saying here, right income property, it’s low tech land is simple. It’s all discovered, it’s all catalogued. We all know where it is. Granted, there’s a lot of land, but there’s not a lot of desirable land. But you know, most of it’s been pretty built out around the world, right? And then all of the materials that make the house are these low tech ingredients, all the ingredients of your house or your apartment building. So this is the Hartman risk evaluator, right? This is my whole theory of the Hartman risk evaluator that I’ve been talking about for 13 years now. The thing that it took me so many years and Real Estate career to discover. And it wasn’t until I bought one of my first out of state properties that I discovered this. At the same time, I was buying this property in Orange County, California. And I was being argued with by my girlfriend at the time, Monique and we broke up kind of over this it was really kind of one of the big arguments we had, how I shouldn’t buy that Orange County house. And you know, if you look at it from the way I look at things now she was kind of right, you know, in the sense that I was paying too much for the land value in my LTI ratio, although she didn’t know any of this stuff. And really, neither did I at the time or I might not have even purchased that house but I’m glad I did because I got lucky and made a bunch of money on right. That’s the thing you’ve got to realize, right? Is that we invest in low tech item and you’ve all heard about you know the these things folks that want to go and mine the asteroids, right? I mean, this just sounds insanely expensive, but I guess this actually is plausible. Okay. People far smarter than yours truly are working on it. You know, they want to send up spaceships to the asteroids that are mineral rich. You know, we don’t even know what those asteroids have on them really. But you know, do they have gold? Do they have silver they have titanium? Do they have rare earth minerals that you know, are used to make integrated chips, and then maybe potato chips to I don’t know, probably not potato chips, but integrated chips, you know, the ones that are in our electronics, those kinds of things, and all kinds of very valuable things. Well, if you bring that stuff back to earth and mass, the I think it’s going to lower the price. Look at every commodity on earth is priced based on one simple concept scarcity. scarcity drives everything. Okay, scarcity runs the world. And sand is not scarce. But diamonds are. Well, they’re making diamonds in the lab now. I guess they don’t make sand in the lab, although they probably could if they could make diamonds of lab, I’m sure they could make sand and laboratory. But why bother making sand? It’s so plentiful. Diamonds aren’t that plentiful? We could make those. And just to reiterate, you know, I’ve talked about this in the past, right? But, you know, these diamonds are real. They are diamonds. They’re just made in a lab quickly. And I interviewed on my longevity and biohacking show a while ago, the founder of Memphis meats, right, this company that makes meat from scratch without an animal. Yeah, there’s all kinds of disruption in everything in our world. Then it’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. It’s great. I mean, it’s incredible. It’s an amazing time to be alive. But for my money, I might take a bet on some of these wild things from time to time with a small portion of my wealth, but by and large, I want to do the conservative hard to disrupt thing, the thing that is really tough to disrupt where it’s just, it’s just not going to be easily or quickly disrupted In fact, it’s going to become more valuable with technology. And the technology specifically I’m talking about there is the self driving car, the autonomous car and that is going to make the type of properties in which we invest even more valuable because why Why? Because these are the low price properties in the suburban areas in the in the burbs the properties that aren’t, you’re not paying big land premium. In fact, you’re not paying any land premium. In fact, you’re probably getting the land for free. When you come on our Oklahoma City property tour in July, right after our financial independence day here in the US, that’ll be your Financial Freedom Day, right? When you come to that, we’ll work on that as we do j to live Jason Hartman University live and really dig into how to analyze real estate deals in depth. But also you’re going to see that you’re paying almost nothing for the land. And in some cases, you’re just getting the land for free. And other people are betting on high land value markets, and there is disruption coming at them. Okay, you can disrupt the value of their land pretty easily with easy cheap transportation oil prices. are probably going to be low for quite a while. And then of course, we’ve got these funky electric cars that I’m not really a believer in yet. In fact, I hate my new Tesla. I think it’s a piece of crap. Did I tell you I think my car is a piece of crap lately. Ah, so disappointed. I can’t even I mean, Tesla has been just terrible on the second one. The first one was okay. The second one, the Model X I’ve got now with those stupid gimmick doors that never work. Oh, my God, terrible. But anyway, the electric car I don’t know, I think the jury’s kind of out on that one. But we’ll see it might get a lot better, right. And if it does, then that will be something that further enhances the value of our properties. But certainly the self driving car will dramatically enhance them. Now one more thing I want to talk to you about real quickly here and then we’ll wrap it up is an article that I just saw. In the Wall Street Journal, and this article was about how investors thought for many, many years that, you know, the markets could never be. Well, not never, they thought it would that they would come. Okay when the markets could be basically rigged by math, math, okay, math. And if they could combine math, and turn that math into an algorithm, by the way, I read a book on algorithms about two and a half years ago was fascinating how algorithms are determining so many areas of our lives that we just don’t even know. They’re all like running in the background. And I think I saw also a Yeah, pretty sure. Yeah, I saw a documentary on that too. And I think I talked about that it was on Netflix. You know, Netflix might suggest it to you because there’s an algorithm suggesting movies To you and documentaries to you based on what they think you like, that’s an algorithm. Okay? And suggesting Facebook friends to you with what they think they like. And by the way, you know, sometime I should talk to you about this eerie eerie stuff that’s going on on Facebook. It’s really weird and scary. Some of the friends suggestions. I mean, Facebook has got to be existing outside of the Facebook world to make some of the suggestions they’re making. I think there is a conspiracy theory here. We’ll talk about that another time. But anyway, this wall street journal article said and my point in telling you about this is to tell you that you know, this is like betting against the Fed. Okay. Playing the Wall Street game is like betting against the Fed. It’s, it’s a, it’s a crazy bet. And basically, this wall street journal article says that that day has now arrived. The quants? Okay the the quants, who are the math geniuses, that should be the rocket scientists. But they’re working on wall street because they can get paid a lot more. They are running the show. And they’re running the market between the quants and the algorithms and the high frequency trading. The whole thing is so rigged just like Michael Lewis set on 60 minutes author of The Big Short and we we played some of that interview on a prior episode. Back when it right after it came out. This is rigged you you’re not gonna beat it. Okay, you’re crazy to think you’re going to beat that. Okay. So you know, if you want to be in the Wall Street game, heck, by the index, maybe now you should short the index. I don’t know. I don’t know. You never know. Because it always seems like Gosh, why didn’t I pile more money into that thing back then. And then you know, it looks so clear. It hindsight, I knew that crash was coming. Why didn’t I take my money out. And that’s the game you always play with yourself. When it comes to Wall Street, you do it a little bit in real estate, but not nearly as badly because hopefully you’re investing in these conservative linear markets with properties with good land to improvement ratios, and following my plan, and when you follow my plan, you’re not going to make those mistakes, you’re going to follow the 10 commandments, and those will be your guide for successful investing. Right, so we have gone long today, but I’ve got a guest coming up in interview of on where the markets are going that I want to play for you. We’ll do that on a future episode. But for this episode, your action step is to go to Jason Hartman calm. Jason Hartman comm click on the events section and join us or at least consider joining us for two great things. One is our upcoming venture Alliance mastermind trip if you really want to apply Your game, you got to get around people that are doing amazing things. And that will be in Chicago in June. And that is coming right up, I think what do we have we’ve, we’re about four weeks away from that event. Yeah, we’re about a month away now. You can join us for that register at Jason Hartman calm. If you’d like more information about it, talk to your investment counselor. And if you don’t have one, you can just fill out any web form at Jason Hartman COMM And they will get in contact with you. Then you can also go to venture Alliance venture Alliance mastermind comm and check that out there. Also, we haven’t really promoted in a while but we are going to really use the Jq membership program that we’ve never been great about doing a lot of content with and things with and we’ve always kind of wondered, what do we do with this? You know, what do we do with this membership thing? You know, we’ve done a little bit with it, but it’s not to my satisfaction. But here’s the one thing that you can for sure take advantage of with it. discounts on our events on our events, everything but venture Alliance events, those are never discounted. Okay, so no no deals on venture Alliance joining the venture Alliance or coming to one of the events, part of the qualifying process is paying for it. So, that is a qualifier. And so we’re not we’re not changing that one. For other events like our property tour and Jason Hartman University live seminar coming up in Oklahoma City in early July, you can get a 25% discount on that event, if you join Jq membership program on our website at Jason If you join that first, you get 25% discount on all of our regular live events like our property tour type events and seminars. Okay, so check that out. If you need help with that. Just say Ask your investment counselor, they’ll help you and get you all situated. Gosh, without further ado, let’s wrap this one up. But the lessons for today are invest in things that are hard to disrupt, invest in things that have a barrier to entry. Look, when it comes to things like cryptocurrencies, there’s no barrier to entry, I get it that Bitcoin because of its mathematical formula and its blockchain. You can’t make more of them out of thin air, you can only mine them. And there’s a whole thing to that that I won’t go into here. But you can just make another cryptocurrency, okay. Wall Street is getting quite fascinated by that stuff. The government is getting fascinated by it. How do you know that tomorrow, they won’t create their own blockchain currency. They’re all working on it, folks. There have been many, many articles about this stuff. How do you know that there won’t be a new cryptocurrency created tomorrow That will upset that applecart. How do you know I mean people are talking about I think there is one out there now, a gold backed cryptocurrency with a blockchain. I don’t know. Now you need gold and a blockchain and cryptocurrency and that’s gonna be the thing tomorrow See all this stuff, you can duplicate it you can disrupt it all the time. And it’s highly disruptive because it’s technology. Our investment of choice income property is a low tech, hard to disrupt thing that every human being all 7 billion people on earth need. It is one of the three basic human needs food, clothing, shelter, let them rent that shelter from you. By the way, speaking of which, the millennial generation, there is an article floating around in the media right now. It’s been floating around for a good week or so maybe week and a half about avocado avocado toast. Have you seen this article? Okay, how avocado toast is more important than buying a house because that’s what Millennials are into. And this generation is the generation of renters. It is the biggest demographic cohort in American history. 80 million strong, slightly bigger than the baby boomers. And there they are renters renters renters through and through, yes, some of them are buying, but most of them are renting and they’re going to be renting for a long time. Let them rent from you. Let them rent from you. Okay, put yourself in a position to win. We’ve got another incredible decade of unbelievably powerful demographics coming at the rental housing market. So just be in that game. No matter what it takes, be in that game. Be a landlord. It is the surest way to grow your wealth, and have all that abundance that that you want to just take care of in your life, so that you don’t have to worry about money, you don’t have to worry about little things. You don’t have to worry about saving 100 bucks on that airline ticket. Because you’ve got this, this set of assets, these properties, always working for you in the background. And you only have to tinker with them a little bit. They don’t require much attention. They require a little bit but not that much income property. It’s the way to go. They’re not making any more land as well. Roger says, and I will talk to you on Wednesdays episode.

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And when we talk on Wednesday, I will be in nice France or in con or cons How do you say that by the way? Is it con or cons? Because if I talk to any French person, they will I’m sure say I’m saying it wrong, no matter how I say it just because I’m an American. So I must be wrong. Okay, yes. Now we get to deal with French. Until the next episode, I’ll talk to you on Wednesday.

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