Is there a single real estate professional in the world who isn’t already rocking an iPad filled with real estate apps on their daily journey around the neighborhood? There might be a few but, seeing as how industry participants are early adopters of any technology that offers even a whiff of making their job easier, you don’t see many real estate agents without one of those babies.

But what’s an iPad without a bunch of cool apps? Nothing but an expensive Frisbee, that’s what.  What are the best real estate apps for iPad junkies? There’s no way to definitively answer that question without a knockdown, drag out fight, but here are some of our favorites.

4 Top Real Estate Apps


Real estate professionals worth their salt are already familiar with the website Zillow, but did you know it’s been retooled for your iPad? Same great resource but now you can zip around it on a ten inch touch screen, tapping, wiping, pinching, and dragging homes all over the place.  The Zillow database is pretty impressive.  Get home values, properties for sale, and rentals.  View multiple side-by-side high resolution photos as you bounce through virtual neighborhoods

Open Home Pro

Like Zillow, Open Home Pro is a free app, though this one specializes in making it ever so easy for you to collect information about potential clients who come through your open homes.  Input names, email addresses.  Open Home Pro collects it all in a handy dandy database that can be exported as a .csv file.  It even automatically emails clients that are in the system with a “personal” note thanking them for visiting.


You knew it would happen eventually.  Clipping design magazines has gone online.  Houzz provides the largest database of home design ideas on the Internet.  Browse photos by style, room, and location.  Save them to your own virtual scrapbook or even locally for offline access.  This software is free and very, very cool.

Mortgage Calculator

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to easily calculate a mortgage payment? Now you can.  Mortgage Calculator is a free iPad app that allows home owners, buyers, real estate agents, and realtors to quickly run through various loan scenarios.

Of course, these four iPad apps are just the tip of the iceberg.  Stay tuned because there are sure to be more coming out nearly every day.