If Not Now, Then When?

There is no shortage of stories about the difficulties facing the economies of the US, Europe, and China.  The global economic system seems to be on the brink of collapse, due to decades of debt financed spending.  This has created a rare window of opportunity for income property investors, since the home owner class has taken a permanent hit, and will require decades to recover … if it ever does recover.

This reduction in home owners, coupled with historically low interest rates has created a perfect storm of exceptional deals for investment properties and exceptionally good financing rates if you are able to qualify.  The single critical juncture in this chain of opportunity is the willingness to take action.  There has literally never been a better time to become an income property investor.

The future is either very bright, or very dim for investment properties and growing wealth … depending on the choices that you make, and the situation that you create for yourself.  For people who take intelligent action to generate a future of prosperity, the future has never been brighter.  Technology continues to advance, discoveries continue to be made, and these advances will continue to be enjoyed by people who have the disposable income necessary to purchase these new innovations.  For people who float along with everybody else, the future is frightfully dim.  The reason for this is because the “safety net” will eventually become overwhelmed, and effectively disappear.  This will leave many people with few options since the “system” that they had grown to depend on is poised to collapse.

The unfortunate truth is that none of us possess the ability to change this trajectory.  The final chapter of the book has not yet been written.  However, it is still best to avoid leaving our fate entirely to hope.  Blind hope is the province of fools.  Place your trust in your education, intelligence, and willingness to take action.  Do not abandon hope for a better future, but do not stake all that you have on a hope that may not transpire.