Jason Hartman hosts guest G Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island. They talk about corporate scams and corporate accountability. Corporations are constantly ripping off consumers and shareholders. Those responsible let the company itself bare the punishment rather than themselves.

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Welcome to episode number 1215 1200 and 15. And thank you so much for joining us. It’s my pleasure to welcome a returning guests back to the show and that is none other than Mr. g. Edward Griffin. He is, of course, very well known for the the excellent work in his book, his classic book, I guess I now could say, the creature from Jekyll Island. And he spoke at one of our meet the Masters conferences a few years ago on the show several times, and it’s always a pleasure to have him on.

G Edward Griffin 1:32
Welcome. How are you ever? Well, thank you for inviting me. And I’m doing just well.

Jason Hartman 1:36
Good to have you back. So, you know you’ve written extensively and talk extensively about monetary policy and the way the banking cartel has been basically abusing the entire planet. And certainly people in the US because we have the largest central bank, the quote unquote, Federal Reserve. Nothing federal about it. But you know today you’ve been thinking a lot lately and I can’t wait to talk to you about the way the powers that be the big execs, the C class, the elite class, hide behind corporations and entity structures. And there’s certainly a purpose for these vehicles. I mean, I believe they were created centuries ago to facilitate shipping and exploration around the world when the great explorers and Portugal and Spain and Italy and so forth, went out to settle the new world. And there was a lot of risk in doing that, you know, people might lose their fortunes. So, these entities my my understanding is the history they were created, so that people could not be personally liable and they could put some capital at risk and that would be all they risk nothing more. But certainly as we see today, in the in the corporatocracy, there are abuses, they’re just absolutely pathetic and disgusting. One of the things I teach, as you probably know, in my 10 commandments of successful investing when I’m talking mostly to real estate investors commandment number three, which says Thou shalt maintain control. And what I refer to here is when people invest money, and they are not a direct investor in something where they don’t possess the thing they invest in, they entrust their money to somebody else. You know, the executives with these corporations, the boards of directors, they’re skimming the profits off the top. Even worse, they might be a crook, or they just might be stupid. And you’ll lose your money because of their dishonesty, their stupidity, or just because they take a huge management fee off the top and, and Lou Dobbs wrote a great book years ago called war on the middle class. and in it he talked about Oracle, and how Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of Oracle, in two short years, took over $700 million out of Oracle, almost a billion dollars. And that would be fine with me if the shareholders were getting a great return. But the reality was, the shareholders lost 61% of the value of their Stock during that same two year period, and this is sadly perfectly legal. When these companies, Wells Fargo is the latest. They’ve looked like a scam every month now, you know, they get fine. But the shareholders pay the fine. The executives don’t pay the fine. It’s just a complete separation and a misalignment of interest. There’s a lot to go on there. What are your thoughts?

G Edward Griffin 4:22
Well, those are my thoughts. Jason, it’s been one of my pet peeves for many, many years. I got caught up in that trap, I would call it or at least the trend. People are saying, Oh, these corporations are lousy, those they ought to be punished. Those corporations should be how do you punish a corporation? It’s a non entity. It’s it’s an abstraction. It’s an agreement. How do you punish an agreement? But anyway, I used to think that that’s a good idea that corporations needed to be punished and taxed and they making too much money and so forth. And finally, as I matured and understood how the systems really work, it dawned on me that the corporations, there’s nothing wrong with a corporation that you’re perfectly logical structure. I mean, the idea, not the structure, but the idea that people can join their investments together and have somebody manage them for them and, and they assign responsibility and they share the profits, they have an agreement, they write it down, they call it a contract. And that’s what they agreed to do. And they go to some state and says, Okay, we’ll register you as a corporation. That is just a name. It just means they’re registering the legality of the agreement, and therefore the laws of the state will enforce the agreement if the agreement fits the rules and so forth. And nothing wrong with that, because you find corruption everywhere. Let’s face it, the biggest banks in the world are partnerships. The biggest banks in the world are partnerships. They’re not corporations. And we don’t see any different operation there just because their partnerships, you can have corruption and associations in governments governments are they say, Oh, well, this government is a corporation. Well, so it’s a corporation or it’s a government. It’s still an agreement. It’s a piece of paper that’s held legally binding by the rules of the state. Doesn’t make any difference what you call it, and you identified the problem very well. It’s the essence of the rules and the laws that allow these entities, whatever they are, whatever they’re called, to hide responsibility of the individuals, the management and the middle management, the people who make the decisions, the these corporations are shielded by the corporate veil, this is the same in in true in partnership. To some extent, it’s a little more legally complicated, but certainly true. And governments, the mayor’s the presidents, the Congressman, the police men on the corner, they all if they do something egregious, they take some measure. That’s perfectly horrible how the sue the city, sue the state, sue the federal government, and as you said, Who are they suing? they’re suing the taxpayers and the the banks and the executives that whoever is making these decisions. I always think of the pharmaceutical industry, because these guys sit around and say, Oh, so this drug we’re working on, it kills 8% of the people. And it cripples but

Jason Hartman 7:02
they do the same Yeah, Ford Motor Company did with a Ford Pinto in the early 70s. They knew that gas tank was dangerous, they knew would explode it did people died. And, you know, we later found out that they could have used like a $2 part and they would have been much safer. That’s the mathematical calculation and look at what happened with Volkswagen and the emission scandal, you know, polluting the planet. The executives always get off the hook and they just make paying fines part of their business plan, basically, yes, it’s a cost of

G Edward Griffin 7:35
doing business. That’s how they look at

Jason Hartman 7:37
it. But But the worst part is, it’s a cost to the shareholders, not the executives. Now granted, the executives probably own some stock, sure. But there’s a total disconnect between what there is a disconnect and the shame that they’re

G Edward Griffin 7:51
not they’re held. They’re not held personally responsible, and even though their shareholders and maybe they have some reduced dividends because of it. They get bonuses. I mean, these executives in the pharmaceutical industry will pass a drug into the market, they know what’s going to kill a percent of the people, they know it’s going to cripple 22% of the people. And then they buried the evidence and they lie about it. And then somebody finds out and said, Boy, you dirty dog, you knew about this, and we’re going to sue the corporation, the corporation, they sue, not the guy that made the decision or the team that made the decision. And so the corporation said, okay, we owe what $20 million to you. That’s a big chunk, but we made 180 million, I guess it’s a good cost of business. And so they write it off. And the guys that made the decision, get bonuses and promotions because they made smart business deals by killing people. It’s Blood Money is what it is.

Jason Hartman 8:41
It is blood. And you know, whether it’s actual blood money or it’s just financial blood, you know, you look at during the Great Recession in the first year or two of the Great Recession. We saw Goldman Sachs they bonus themselves what $630,000 each, as They were collapsing the world economy, right? This is absolutely ridiculous. What are we going to do? I mean, corporations, basically, like they have all the advantages of a natural person without any of the cost of being a natural person. You know, natural people are flesh and blood, they have limited life. They can be injured, they can die, they can go to prison. Where’s the accountability with the corporations?

G Edward Griffin 9:24
Well, that’s the point. It’s not that it’s a corporation. It’s the fact that the way the rules are written the way that the state legislators have passed the rules and the administrators have created this system under which the corporation shields its management. All they’re going to do is change that and say any individual who makes a conscious decision to commit a crime, it doesn’t make any difference whether the executive the CIO of a corporation or not, they are personally responsible for the consequences of that act would be a relatively simple piece of legislation that could be passed in all the state legislatures around the country and should be The day after that happens, I guarantee all of this abuse will come to a screeching halt. Because these guys know if they can get it wrong, they’re going to pay for it themselves. And that’ll be the end of it.

Jason Hartman 10:11
Yeah. But that’s very unlikely that we’ll ever see any progress there. Right? Because, look, we have Citizens United. The corporations own the politicians, don’t they?

G Edward Griffin 10:23
Well, yes. And I agree with you that we have a steep hill to climb. But I disagree that we’ll never see it happen. Because if we don’t see it happening, I mean, we’re really messed up. You just kiss goodbye to your future. I think it can happen. But first you have to talk about how many people did you meet in Walmart that are even aware of what we’re talking about. And until that time comes when the public is aware of and becomes indignant over this great injustice. Once that happens, then the legislators will fall right in line, but we have an educational job to do.

Jason Hartman 10:55
Where do we start? Okay, so educate people make people aware of it. What else

G Edward Griffin 10:59
Now you’re on to my favorite topic, we can’t just sit around and say how bad things are and complain about it and say, Oh, we got the perfect solution, we have to make that solution happen. That means we have to join together we have to form into Coalition’s we have to seek political influence, we have to select candidates, we have to be the people who are just the opposite of the collectivist now these people that we’re talking about, have all the big bucks and all the control of the media. I mean, they’re in power. And they all have a similar mindset, which is called collectivism. And we have to replace those people, it can be done, but it’s not going to be easy. It’ll be simple, but not easy. But that’s what will will have to replace those people. We can’t just come up with a better idea, because they know that we have a better idea. They don’t care. They don’t like our better idea, because they have a better idea for them, you know? So, yeah, so we can’t argue and reason with them. They understand what the deal is. And they’re just getting away with murder literally, or theft. So they just look at us like we’re kind of little mats and ants and the way they can step on us crushes. But once we have a critical mass, and I’m beginning to see that warming up right now in society, because all of these wrongdoings that we’re talking about are beginning to surface, and you can’t sweep them under the rug anymore. I mean, they’re right in our face. And I think that people are beginning to want to know the truth and they’re not so willing to take that blue pill and go back to sleep and go into their illusions anymore.

Jason Hartman 12:26
Well, where do we stand on the scorecard the balance of the march toward socialism? You know, we’ve got Bernie Sanders and and now we’ve got a OC, you know, the little darling of the, the Marxist movement?

G Edward Griffin 12:43
My answer to that is that the march toward socialism was completed at the end of World War Two. We had been in socialism since that time. It’s just a question of degree, but I would say our socialist question right now is probably about 99% it breaks me up when I hear people say, done with capitalism, look at all these things that capitalism is doing. And when we were starving, we’re out of work. prices are going up and down with capitalism. Capitalism was swept aside decades ago, we’re living under socialism, folks. We just don’t call it that. It just go to the dictionary and look up what the word means. And then state ownership or control well, control is more Nazi ism, but they’re the same, basically, that the state controls the means of production. They own all the property, and that they’re trying to take away all of our personal property right now. That’s why I said we still have 1% left. But we’ve been living under this thing called socialism ever since world war two maybe before that.

Jason Hartman 13:42
Well, I mean, define that. I don’t know if people listening would agree with that. I mean, the state doesn’t own the means of production on everything. Of course they have liens on it. I get that. You get that well,

G Edward Griffin 13:53
what wouldn’t you call that ownership? I mean, if you don’t pay your if you don’t pay your taxes on your house, what happens? The owner takes it from day take it, of course, that state owns your property folks wake up.

Jason Hartman 14:05
Well, that’s what I say, you know, to our investor clients is almost everywhere on the planet, there are very few exceptions, governments have a perpetual lien on your properties. So the idea of owning a property free and clear is an absolute myth. And you actually make yourself a foreclosure target, if you have a lot of equity in your property. So I say the best thing to do is let the bank own or encumber as much of that property as possible and leverage it. Because of course, the return is higher, the risk is lower, but you don’t make yourself a target for foreclosure. If you forget to pay your tax bill or your HOA dues. The property can be taken away from you. It’s absolutely crazy.

G Edward Griffin 14:48
Yeah, well, that’s why I say that we haven’t lived in a true free market capitalist system for a long, long time. So the march toward socialism was done long time ago. Now we’re going beyond social into a pure totalitarian state, with no pretense even any more of the, you know, taking care of the people. That’s just that’s the way it’s going to be shut up and get in line.

Jason Hartman 15:10
Well, not to be particularly political here. But I have to ask, what do you think about Trump? I mean, he’s a different kind of cat for sure. In comparison to what we’ve had Obama, and then, you know, the rise of the Bernie Sanders AOC class, so I’ll call it or Kamala Harris, or you know, any of them. I mean, there’s so many Democrats in the race, who knows what to think. But where does this kind of fall with you? Curious?

G Edward Griffin 15:36
Well, you know, if you ask me that question in the morning, I might have a different answer than in the afternoon. Depends on what Twitter says, Yeah, depends on what’s going on. I have I have very strong mixed emotions. Of course, there’s a lot. There’s a lot about Trump that I like, but when I sit back and look at it objectively, most of what I like about Trump is that the radical left hates him You know,

Jason Hartman 16:00
it’s funny thing I know republicans hater. Yeah.

G Edward Griffin 16:02
So he’s got excellent enemies. And I then I start thinking, you know, that’s the game that’s been played on the American people for decades. We don’t vote for candidates anymore. we vote against candidates. That’s how people get elected. It’s negative. I don’t like either of them, but I hate that one. So I’ll vote the lesser of two evils dealing with that we I if I were a politician, and I would say, How do I get elected? Well, I need to have somebody running against me. That’s really, really bad.

G Edward Griffin 16:32

Jason Hartman 16:33
Now, if you opposition, right, yes, yes.

G Edward Griffin 16:35
Now, if you believe as I do, that both political parties are essentially the same and have the same control behind them. And what we’re talking about finance the big banks, for example. I mean, they own the politicians, as you said, and that means both parties. So if they own both parties, do they really care which one gets elected? Not really. They might say, well, let’s keep the charade going. So people think they’re having a boy In their own political destiny, so we have to have this contest going on the left versus the right, supposedly are the republicans versus the Democrats. A lot of debate and clash. And the more clash there is the more anger there is. The more emotion there is, the less people think about what’s really going on. They don’t really think anymore what’s going on. Now Mr. Trump is says all these good things. He’s going to stop illegal immigration. Oh, hooray for Trump. But we find out later Well, he’s not doing that at all. You know, when he was campaigning, we got to put put an end to these wars over overseas as well. Yeah, we’ll vote for him. Well, now they said he’s not doing that at all. You know, I remember this phrase when I was studying the works of communist I wanted to find what made their brains tick. And I found it they and the Nazis, the fascist believed the same thing. But when I was doing that, I ran across a lot of writings by a lot of mere Lenin. And one of the things that stuck in my mind, Lenin said, well, couple of things. These promises are like pie crush made to be broken. And then in another essay, he said, words are one thing, actions another. And when I look at what’s going on in the political arena today, I keep thinking of those Leninist praises. And so now you asked me, How do I evaluate not just Mr. Trump, but any candidate, any candidate already officeholder? I get it. I disruption between what they say and what they do. And I beginning to get very calloused about the whole thing. I think we’re being taken for suckers.

Jason Hartman 18:32
Yeah, we are. The question is, how do we get this to turn around? You know, it is voting for the lesser of two evils. And there’s kind of an interesting quote about that. You can always tell the quality of a person by the quality of their enemies or there’s some quotable lines, which I find to be an interesting quote.

G Edward Griffin 18:50
But I disagree with that. The I disagree with that, because in this world, these people are professionals, and they know that if you’re not so hot yourself up Have an enemy that is so atrocious and so smelly, that nobody even notices you. They’re just they would vote for anybody just avoid having that guy, right. So I look at, I look at who is controlling these empty for groups who’s funding them and so forth. Where does that all come from? George Soros, the George Soros is and then we got the deep state, right. Supposedly, they’re close to each other, but they’re not really. And so we got what looks to me at least like Soros, and this leftist crowd is all funding and promoting all this theater on the left, and I call it theater. Because if those people weren’t on the Soros payroll, they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. They’re not ideologues, they’re being paid. Now, they might have it in their heart to the Yeah, we agree with it, but they wouldn’t be there. And then we have these so called white supremacists wherever they come from, you know, any white supremacist with swastikas on it?

Jason Hartman 19:48
No, no, any?

G Edward Griffin 19:49
No, I’ve never met one. It’s theater. It’s all being funded by the deep state. And so you see you basically at the top, you’ve got some mastermind saying, okay, we need to clash So they fund and organize both sides. and we are given the choice, Which side do we want to vote for? And that’s how it works. Sure, sure.

Jason Hartman 20:08
So talk to us a little bit about, you know, people hear the terms, the deep state, and Tifa. What are those? And then, you know, the George Soros backing, you know, what, what’s the motivation of Soros of the deep state of antiva? I mean, I have a feeling or just going to say control, but

G Edward Griffin 20:29
you know, maybe the question is control for what I see. But your question is going logically, yeah. Why are they doing this? Yeah, it is control, of course, but in order to gain control over a world system, especially one that includes one like the United States and some parts of Europe, which traditionally had a lot of cultural affinity to liberty and freedom and justice in the court room, and, you know, freedom of speech, and all of that, you have to change the thing. In the structure of these entities, you’ve got to break down the United States, for example, you’ve got to get bring the United States on its knees to stops worrying about such things as what kind of a judicial, what kind of a judicial system we have. Do we want freedom of speech, you want them worried about survival? Because that’s why wars have always been organized by tyrants. They don’t want their people complaining about how hard life is. So they scare them to death with wars. You know, Machiavelli wrote about that in the prince the book called The prince. He said, if the people are complaining about too much taxes and and you’re taking away their liberties, go get into war grants. You can now that now they have to be patriotic and to support you no matter what. This is so simple when you think about it, and it’s been going on for centuries. I see no reason to think it’s not going on today. fact I’m convinced it is.

Jason Hartman 21:48
Yeah. So motivations of the deep state so war, you know, I mean, the central bankers profit from war. War is a distraction. it instills this patriotism, that You know, wag the dog, right? It’s all wagging the dog, like the like the old movie, but, you know, just a little more like a little deeper on that subject. You know, I agree with you couldn’t agree more, but just anything more, you know, okay. Yeah,

G Edward Griffin 22:12
I could go a little deeper because it’s interesting, the deeper you go. In my research for the book on the Federal Reserve, I came across the roots of some of these ideological movements, and they came across the Fabian socialist society, which was founded in England, little over 100 years ago. Most people have never heard of it. But it’s very powerful in England and several of the Prime Ministers of England have been members of the Fabian socialist. And it goes way back its origins at some very well known intellectuals, writers and so forth. But the point is, they had a headquarters in a house. I forgotten what part of England It was. It was the web house called Beatrice web owned the house. And it was the headquarters she donated a very wealthy woman. In fact, all these Fabian socialist were upper class very well. People, it had a stain window in it and somebody had captured a photograph of it and I ran across the photograph. When you blow it up and you look at it, I’m getting to the point, believe it or not, no, no. The Fabian Fabian socialists, they believe that gradualism was the way to take over the world. This is their got their socialist and they want to take over the world. And they said, you don’t do it with guns and bayonets. You can slowly you get Rowley and you go, you go into the institutions of your target nations go into the school system and the media diversity financial centers, yes. And then you just gradually change it. But now in the center of this montage and this colored glass, they have a couple other members and they’re the earth is represented on an anvil. Okay, the Earth is on an anvil. And these guys are standing there with hammers, and they’re smashing the earth. And then the line across the top comes from Omar Khayyam and I Once had it memorized let’s see how good I am. Everybody’s heard this line. And as once something like this, how sorry the things are in the world, which not that one I conspire to break the things entire and mold it closer to our hearts desire. Those are the lines. So in other words, if you don’t like things, shatter them, break them completely destroy them, and then there’s nothing left to resist you. Now you can rebuild out of the rubble, exactly what you want.

Jason Hartman 24:33
So whatever was one word, are they shattering them?

G Edward Griffin 24:36
They’re shattering the world. All of the political systems of the world must be broken, destroyed and forgotten, buried forevermore, so they can build their new socialist system, international socialist system, without opposition. So the first step for these people is to destroy. That’s it to destroy when people are on their knees when people are worried about food and water. Worried about the basics they can get them. They don’t worry about freedom of speech. They don’t worry about taxes, you know, as long as they have food, there’s nothing they have no money for taxes anyway. Right? Just

Jason Hartman 25:10
survival. And there’s there’s kind of like a another thing going on like another track, right. They’ve got that track that you mentioned, but they’ve got the other track, which is the bread and circuses track, right. You’ve got millennials that want avocado toast. Okay. Instead of buying a house? Yeah. I mean, I mean, there’s that other track of the, you know, making people kind of passive and also, in fact, one of the conspiracy theories that I’m certainly willing to entertain, and I’m quite conflicted on this issue. You know, you look at this trend toward legalization of marijuana. You know, I certainly think it should be legal. I have libertarian beliefs. I think if someone wants to alter their state of mind as long as they’re not driving a car or hurting anybody else, what businesses and the government to tell them they can’t do that. However, at the same time, you know, that Particular substance makes people very docile. It makes them very passive. And maybe this move toward that, you know, if you got a bunch of potheads, a bunch of millennial potheads hippie smoking it like the hippies did in the 60s, you know, they’re, they’re not going to rise up, they’re not going to do much, right. They’re gonna just go with a flow. You know, me, it talks about that talks about that one, but me it seems like

G Edward Griffin 26:27
Well, yeah, that’s that is the that’s almost an ongoing debate for as long as I can remember, at what point is it proper for the state to intervene? And I think I know the answer to that it’s a it’s a harsh answer, because it means a lot of times you have to stand by and let the state just ignore these problems and try and, you know, leave it up to the citizens to handle rather than bring the power of the state in. And I agree with you that the state has no business in telling us what we can do as long as we’re not threatening the life, liberty or property of somebody else. But that means we have to have a principle and follow it all the way down. And that gets pretty hard because now Well, what do you what do you think about this poor person over there? Don’t we have an obligation to take care of that person? And my answer is, well, if we do, and I think we do, but then let’s dig into our pockets and do it voluntarily. Let’s not do it through the coercion processes of the state because now it gets corrupted because people have to administer that, of course, then they would rake something off at the top, and then they’ll reward their friends and punish their enemies. And we’re back to where we started. Because our intentions were good. So when you get a principle, you have to stick with it.

Jason Hartman 27:34
Yeah, yeah, they’ll dole out the favors to their cronies. Yeah. And that’s the way it always goes. You know, you see that at the government level, at every level of government. You see it in the United Nations and the oil for food program. You see it in the world of charities and foundations. It’s just, you know, it’s, it’s just a human thing. And we have to understand that humans are fallen creatures, they’re going to do that stuff. It’s terrible, but the way to reduce the amount Mount of that corruption is to simply reduce the size and power of the institutions. Because then they’re just that’s it much to

G Edward Griffin 28:08
correct it exactly that we were talking about that famous letter from Jefferson to a doctor friend of his, right after the constitution was enacted and adopted, why he got this letter from a friend and he said that your Jefferson now that we have this new constitution, how can we be sure that only good men are elected to office? And the Jefferson’s reply was classic. Was that almost on the edge of irate? He said, speak to me not of good men, rather, let us bind men down with the change of the Constitution. Boy, there it is, but he was saying basically, hey, dummy, you think good men are going to go into office wake up, bad, bad men are going to go into office because it’s tempting and the more power and money that’s there, the more tempting it is the stronger magnet it is for the predator class is it of course evil men are going to go into office. So don’t count on it. Don’t count on those good men are not going to be there. So what we need to do is build a system so that it’s not attractive to the crooks.

Jason Hartman 29:09
Right. Exactly. Exactly. I mean, if you know why, why is it that people will spend $25 million to win a job that pays 180 grand a year? That’s absolutely insane. You obviously know, that’s not just an ego trip. Okay. It’s way more than that. There. It’s a power trip. And somehow they always become incredibly wealthy when they’re in Congress. I just yeah, happens. I know.

G Edward Griffin 29:32
Interesting. That’s amazing. Must be an act of God. Must be it must be.

Jason Hartman 29:37
Please give out your website and tell people where they can find out more.

G Edward Griffin 29:41
Well, thank you, Jason. The main thing I my agenda right now is the red pill Expo that we’re going to have in June seven through nine in Hartford, Connecticut.

Jason Hartman 29:51
And by the way, depending on is this is like evergreen content, depending Okay. Oh, here this, this is something you do every year, right?

G Edward Griffin 29:58
We do it every year. Yes. So this year, it’s 2019. It’ll be in Hartford, Connecticut, this is number three. So we’re on the road and smashingly successful event. In a nutshell, it’s that place where people go to, to break the illusions in their lives and discover truths that are being withheld from them. And there are plenty of those to go around. anybody is interested in that, just look it up on the internet, you’ll find it under, you know, a red pill Expo. And so red pill expo.org probably will be it for evermore. So that’s very much, much of my life. But now, if people want to know what we think what I think about how we can turn this around, I would invite you to what I’d like to think of is our Think Tank, which is freedom force international.org. That’s we have nothing to sell there except ideas. We talked about the kinds of things we’ve been discussing today with an emphasis and finding practical solutions. And as I said before, the main solution is that we’ve got to recapture control of the system. We can’t just write letters to our corrupt Congress. We have to replace those guys, with people like ourselves who have no axe to grind, are willing to make sacrifices to keep the system pure. And second, okay. And then if anybody wants to read some books and watch them, documentary films and lectures, which backup all of these ideas, I invite them to come to our bookstore, which is reality zone.com

Jason Hartman 31:21
good stuff reality zone. com G. Edward Griffin. Thanks again for joining us.

G Edward Griffin 31:25
All right, thanks for the invitation.

Jason Hartman 31:27
So we did something very interesting. A long time ago on the show, one of our clients was an expert in guided visualizations and the law of attraction. And she was kind enough to come on the show and do a guided visualization for us and she actually did this for us at a live event. I believe it was actually at one of our meet the Masters conferences many years ago. What I wanted to do is offer you a little gift and that is an extra bonus episode every week. This will come out on Saturday, a little bonus episode. And it’s nothing like a regular episode. It’s totally different. It’s going to be a guided visualization. I’ve hired an expert for this. And she does a great job of guided visualizations. And you know the power of visualization, anything the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. That’s what Napoleon Hill, one of the early success authors of thinking Grow Rich told us. And if you can get your mind your subconscious mind to conceive and believe things with multi sensory detail, that is a very powerful tool. So why don’t we take this tool and make it specific to the principles of real estate investing that I teach, and we will do that we are customizing guided visualizations. We hired this expert. And every Saturday, we will release a very short guided visualization as a sixth episode per week on the podcast. And you can take the weekend and listen to this and relax and they’re just a few minutes long. They’re very short. And it will help you in your visualization of your bright future your abundant future as an income property investor. So I hope you like it. It’s just a little bonus for you. Look for this every Saturday. Thank you so much for listening. Please be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any episodes. Be sure to check out the show’s specific website and our general website heart and Mediacom for appropriate disclaimers and Terms of Service. Remember that guest opinions are their own. And if you require specific legal or tax advice or advice and any other specialized area Please consult an appropriate professional. And we also very much appreciate you reviewing the show. Please go to iTunes or Stitcher Radio or whatever platform you’re using and write a review for the show we would very much appreciate that. And be sure to make it official and subscribe so you do not miss any episodes. We look forward to seeing you on the next episode.